FY2018 TIP for New Jersey

DVRPC is pleased to present the FY 2018 TIP (FY2018-2021) for the NJ portion of the region. The TIP reflects the priority program of transportation projects. The DVRPC Board adopted the TIP along with Recommended Changes [0.1 MB pdf] on October 26, 2017, following a 30+ day public review and comment period. This TIP is included in the New Jersey Statewide Transportation Program developed jointly in cooperation with NJDOT, NJ TRANSIT, DRPA/PATCO, and DVRPC's member cities and counties. This TIP has been approved by the federal review agencies (FHWA, FTA and EPA) and became the official DVRPC TIP for NJ on January 23, 2018. Program lists (below) are updated on a regular basis as DVRPC amends or modifies the TIP.

NJ TIP application
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TIP Amendments and Modifications

The TIP is a dynamic document, where amendments or modifications to the TIP can occur after Board adoption and federal approval. They can be presented as formal Action Items for DVRPC Board approval, as permitted under the TIP MOU (Appendix D [0.9 MB pdf]), which you can review and submit comments from the time they are posted until 12 noon the day before the scheduled Board meeting. The Summary of Amendments and Modifications [0.1 MB pdf] provides a chronological listing of all project changes.

Program Lists


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DVRPC Regional Highway Program

DVRPC Regional Transit Program

Other Programs

TIP Document Text, Indexes, and Explanatory Information

You can also click on the links below to view the Highlights of the TIP and individual sections of the TIP document, as adopted on Oct. 26, 2017.

Public Comment

The formal public comment period for this TIP in Draft form has closed, but you can also review and submit a comment about a TIP Amendment or Modification that requires DVRPC Board approval, including other Action Items for Board consideration, by using an online commenting application on the website. Information related to all Board Action items is posted approximately 10 days before a scheduled Board Meeting. The online commenting feature will be live until 12 noon the day before the Board Meeting.

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Click here to view the full TIP document, as adopted on Oct. 26, 2017, that contains Chapters 1 to 7 and Appendices (A) to (F).

Click here to view the full TIP Addendum, as adopted on Oct. 26, 2017, that includes Appendices (G) and (H).

Obligation Summary

FY2018:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2017:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2016:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2015:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT   DRPA/PATCO

FY2014:   Highway

FY2013:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2012:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2011:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2010:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT

FY2009:   Highway   NJ TRANSIT