Economic Development

Greater Philadelphia is a complex region, covering portions of two states, with hundreds of municipalities responsible for individual development and land use decisions. The region’s economy is similarly diverse with dozens of public– and private– sector organizations seeking to promote or attract a wide variety of sectors and specific interests., DVRPC’s process and strategies strive to address all the challenges and promote opportunities within the region.

While each county and municipality approaches economic development differently, we are all united in advancing common goals: investing in people, creating attractive places, supporting businesses, and transforming infrastructure to meet the needs of a changing ecosystem. Continued coordination across state lines, city and county boundaries, employment sectors, and public and private sectors is essential to maintain a regional perspective.

As the Economic Development District for the nine-county region, DVRPC manages the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Greater Philadelphia region, satisfying provisions of the United States Economic Development Administration (USEDA). The Greater Philadelphia Economic Development Framework was formally approved by EDA as the regional CEDS on September 30, 2009 and recently updated in 2019.

Regional SWOT Analysis Exercise 

The five year update of the CEDS plan will take place during FY 2023.  CEDS Committee members can now use an online engagement tool to help update the regional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, which is key to goal and strategy development and share ideas and content. 

Visit CEDS Engagement to participate. If you are a regional economic development practitioner and would like to be part of the CEDS Committee, email

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Economic Development District

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