Futures Group

The Futures Group is a collaborative, multidisciplinary working group of subject matter experts that uses exploratory scenario planning to understand how various forces (social, technological, environmental, economic, or political) are shaping the region and identify ways to better respond to or benefit from those forces. In early 2019, a Futures Working Group will meet to update the Future Forces, following the Global Business Network scenario planning framework:

  1. Identify the focal research question.
  2. Identify influencing factors for scenario analysis.
  3. Brainstorm key ‘future’ forces, shorten list based on importance to research question.
  4. Vote on Future Forces likelihood and impact.
  5. Use resulting likelihood and impact vote to create 3-5 highly differentiated ‘What-If Scenarios.’
  6. Develop scenario narratives, incorporating discussion from brainstorming.
  7. Analyze scenarios based on research question.
  8. Identify universal and contingent actions.
  9. Determine leading indicators and/or tipping points for each scenario.

Please fill out this information form by January 18, 2019 to be a part of the Futures Working Group.


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The Futures Group has helped DVRPC complete two scenario planning exercises: Greater Philadelphia Future Forces (Main Version, Technical Version) and Networking Transportation. Dialogue within the Futures Group benefits both DVRPC and the group’s participants who are able to take what they learn back to their organizations. In between scenario planning efforts, the group meets a few times each year to discuss emerging trends.