Barriers to Building Generational Wealth

DVRPC’s most recent housing study, Barriers to Building Generational Wealth: Mortgage Lending Disparities Across Greater Philadelphia, analyzed Housing Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data to determine mortgage lending disparities across the region. Individual county level reports are also available, and can be accessed from the dropdown tab below.

Barriers to Building Generational Wealth Reports

Community Impacts of Multifamily Development

Another recent study, Community Impacts of Multifamily Development, helps our county and municipal planning partners better understand multifamily housing in our region as well as some of the potential economic, transportation, and community impacts.

Housing Activity and Affordability

DVRPC tracks housing activity and housing affordability in the region in our Tracking Progress Indicators Dashboard. Housing activity tracks the number of building permits issued, by year, by type of community, and by single-family vs. multi-family by county and by community type. Housing affordability tracks cost-burdened households by region, county, and community type, and by ownership status and percent of income spent on housing, both delineated by region, county and community type.

Other Studies

Prior DVRPC housing studies below have focused on age-friendly communities and the need for senior housing for aging baby boomers. Other studies have analyzed affordable homeownership opportunities and their proximity to employment and transit, as well as examined the region’s rental housing stock, its supply of public and assisted housing, and homelessness.

Visit the archived Land Use and Housing Committee (LUHC) webpage, where you can find past agendas and scheduled meeting dates. The LUHC became the Regional Community and Economic Development Forum (RCEDF) in 2009.

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