Municipal Energy Management

DVRPC works with municipalities in Southeastern Pennsylvania to identify ways to reduce energy in municipal buildings, outdoor lighting, and water/sewer treatment facilities. DVRPC developed helpful resources through its Circuit Rider program, which included direct technical assistance, periodic energy management seminars, and analytical tools to municipalities in the region to reduce energy costs in municipal operations.

Energy Management in Municipal Buildings: Lessons Learned

In 2013 and 2014, DVRPC worked with nine municipalities in Southeastern Pennsylvania to provide direct technical assistance. The lessons learned are applicable to many more municipalities.

Reducing Energy Costs in Municipal Operations Seminar Series

This seminar series brought together municipalities in the region to share their experiences and resources for reducing energy costs through cost-effective energy efficiency activities. Review meeting materials and presentations made by local experts.

Resources for Outdoor Area Lighting Projects

The use of energy efficient traffic signals, streetlights and other outdoor area lighting presents a significant opportunity for local governments to lower energy bills and improve the quality of lighting service. The electricity used for outdoor area lighting accounts for a significant portion of a local government's energy bill. This resource includes information about funding opportunities available to local governments and tools DVRPC developed to assist in analyzing costs and benefits.

Workshops and Trainings for Water and Sewage Treatment Facility Operations

Water and sewage treatment facilities and pumping stations can account for a significant portion of municipal energy costs—yet, these costs are highly controllable and represent a tremendous opportunity to realize significant cost savings at your facilities. DVRPC occasionally holds workshops, trainings, and conferences for operators to learn about best practices.

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