Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities

Water and sewage treatment facilities and pumping stations can account for a significant portion of municipal energy costs - yet, these costs are highlight controllable and represent a tremendous opportunity to realize significant cost savings at your facilities. Often, these improvements will help improve the performance of your plant as well.


Energy Efficiency at Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities Conference

DVRPC, DEP and PA Water Environment Association held a one-day conference on April 25th, 2012 (Montgomery County Community College) on the best practices for managing energy use and energy costs at your water and sewage treatment facilities. This page includes an annotated conference agenda and resources for water and sewage treatment facilities in southeastern Pennsylvania.


Ensuring a Sustainable Future: An Energy Management Guidebook for Wastewater and Water Utilities [pdf]: This Guidebook was specifically written to provide water and wastewater utility managers with a step-by-step method, based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act management system approach, to identify, implement, measure, and improve energy efficiency and renewable opportunities at their utilities.

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