Ready to Roll! Southeastern Pennsylvania's Regional Electric Vehicle Action Plan

Ready to Roll! Southeastern Pennsylvania's Regional EV Action Plan (Ready to Roll!) is a comprehensive, regionally coordinated approach to introducing EVs and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) into the five counties of southeastern Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia). This plan is the product of a partnership between the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the City of Philadelphia, PECO Energy Company (PECO; the region's electricity provider), and Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities (GPCC). Additionally, ICF International provided assistance to DVRPC with the preparation of this plan. The plan incorporates feedback from key regional stakeholders, national best practices, and research to assess the southeastern Pennsylvania EV market, identify current market barriers, and develop strategies to facilitate vehicle and infrastructure deployment.

Ready to Roll! Southeastern Pennsylvania's Regional Electric Vehicle Action Plan is provided in two volumes.

  • Volume I includes the regional readiness plan, comprised of Projections for EV deployment by individuals and fleets; projections for residential, workplace, private access, and public access EVSE deployment; projected opportunities for EVSE integration with the smart grid; estimates for potential costs associated with EVs and EVSE, as well as funding opportunities to offset these costs; barriers to EV and EVSE deployment in the region and recommendations to overcome these barriers; and an overview of stakeholders and partners involved in the preparation of the readiness plan, including a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder.
  • Volume II provides an in-depth overview of electric vehicle technology, detailed analysis of projected electric vehicle sales and usage in southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as further discussion of the policies and recommendations covered in Volume I. Volume II also contains a detailed bibliography and Appendices A through L.

Electric Vehicle Information Clearinghouse

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