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10:00 a.m., July 28, 2022

Phone number: 1-346-248-7799 Meeting ID: 862 8353 3194 Passcode: 71681511

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1. Minutes of Meeting of June 23, 2022

2. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. The following projects require formal TIP Amendments or Modifications this month for the FY 2021 TIP for PA.

  1. PA21-94: US 202, Morris Road to Swedesford Road (65S) (MPMS #63491), Montgomery County
  2. PA21-95: US 1 and PA 352 Interchange, Intersection, and Roadway Improvements (MPMS #15251), Delaware County
  3. PA21-96: Parking Improvements Program (MPMS #60540), SEPTA
  4. PA21-97: Safety and Security Improvements (MPMS #107011), SEPTA
  5. PA21-98: Projects of Significance (MPMS #115472), SEPTA
  6. PA21-99: Communications, Signals, & Technology Improvements (MPMS# 102571), SEPTA
  7. PA21-100: Transit & Regional Rail Station Program (MPMS# 77183), SEPTA
  8. PA21-101: Substations and Power Improvements (MPMS #60651), SEPTA

3. FY23 UPWP Amendment:  Funding Navigator

DVRPC has partnered with several nonprofit partners on a new initiative titled the Funding Navigator to help communities access funds for water system improvements (water, sewer and stormwater management). With over $55 billion in new IIJA funding for water infrastructure, there will be significantly more money available, and the need is there, but many municipalities and smaller systems do not have the capacity to access and administer these grants or loans.  The Funding Navigator is a team of professionals skilled in the field that would work with communities and utilities to access and implement water improvement projects.

4.  Adoption of the Conformity Determination of the Connections 2050 Long-Range Plan and Draft FY 2023 TIP for Pennsylvania

DVRPC is demonstrating conformity for the Connections 2050 Long-Range Plan (Plan) and the Draft FY 2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Pennsylvania. This demonstration is necessitated by a new FY 2023 TIP for Pennsylvania. Staff will present the results of the Air Quality Conformity Determination and request that the Board adopt the conformity findings.  

5. Adoption of the Draft DVRPC FY2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Pennsylvania (FY23–FY26)        

A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is required by federal law and planning regulations for the metropolitan region to be eligible to receive and spend federal transportation funds. The MPO develops the TIP in cooperation with member governments, the state Department of Transportation, and transit operators, and must provide an opportunity for public input and comment. A minimum 30-day public comment period must be conducted prior to a formal action to adopt the TIP. For the Draft DVRPC FY2023 TIP for Pennsylvania, staff will present a program overview, comments received during the public comment period, a proposed list of recommended changes to the draft program, an update to the MOU for Procedures on Amending and Modifying the TIP and will ask for Board adoption of the Draft DVRPC FY2023 TIP for Pennsylvania with the recommended changes. The Draft TIP document is available online at and in hardcopy at various public libraries and the DVRPC office.

6. PM3 Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Traffic Congestion Measures: Supporting 2- and 4-year targets

Federal performance measure regulations (23 CFR 490) require that MPOs in air quality nonattainment and maintenance areas with populations over 200,000 population report on existing performance and establish 2- and 4-year targets for two traffic congestion measures: percent non-single occupant vehicle (non-SOV) travel and annual hours of peak hour excessive delay (PHED) per capita. DVRPC facilitated efforts in establishing targets for the Philadelphia PA-NJ-DE-MD and Trenton, NJ urbanized areas for the second performance period (2022-2025), and participated in efforts supporting targets led by NJTPA for the New York-Newark, NY, NJ-CT urbanized area and LVPC for the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ urbanized area, since small portions of these urbanized areas exist in the DVRPC MPO region.

7. Transit Safety Performance Measure Targets 

Transit operators must submit annual safety targets to the Federal Transit Administration. Under the federal Transportation Performance Management program, MPOs can either support the transit agency targets or develop their own. Staff will report on the 2022 targets, as well as 2021 performance data for SEPTA, NJ TRANSIT, and DRPA/PATCO.


8. SEPTA’s Reimaging Regional Rail

SEPTA is soliciting feedback on the Reimagining Regional Rail scenarios. Through an interactive feedback tool which is now live at, participants can help by submitting their preferred scenarios via the tool. SEPTA staff will provide an update on the Reimaging Regional Rail program.


9.  One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.                                                         

10. Executive Director's Report

  1. IIJA Updates
  2. FY24 Work Program development
  3. TCDI Press event
  4. PA Local Funding efforts
  5. Future Board meetings
  6. New Releases

11.       Committee Report

  1. Regional Technical Committee
  2. Regional Safety Task Force and Information Resources Exchange Group joint meeting
  3. Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force



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