Right Route. Less Stress.

Ruti is a text-message-based, trip planning tool that finds the bike route with the least amount of car traffic, or traffic stress.

Ruti is a collaboration between AG Strategic Design, a web development firm based in Philadelphia, and DVRPC. The conversational app, developed by AG Strategic Design, uses Google Maps routing information and DVRPC’s Bike Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) data analysis to find the most comfortable bike route between two destinations. The resulting route map depicts the “stress level” of each part of a bike route so riders can see where traffic or stress is highest.

DVRPC’s Bike LTS analysis has rated over 29,500 miles of roadway in the nine-county Greater Philadelphia region. The analysis accounts for each road segment’s number of traffic lanes, speed limit, and presence of different types of bike infrastructure, such as sharrows, bike lanes, or protected bike lanes. These factors are used to determine an LTS classification ranging from 1 to 4, where 1 is relaxing and suitable for most riders, and 4 is uncomfortable for most riders - including those who are most experienced.

Register to use Ruti

To register to use Ruti, please visit Ruti will send a text message to your cell phone and you can begin conversing to find the right bike routes.

Press release announcing Ruti on May 3, 2021

Read more about Ruti and the collaboration between DVRPC and AG Strategic Design.

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