Where are Electric Vehicles Now and Where Will they Be?

Electric vehicles are already present throughout the DVRPC region, and their number is growing. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are committed to increasing their number.

To provide planners in the region with guidance on where these vehicle are and where they are expecting to be, DVRPC has worked with researchers at the University of California Davis Plug-in & Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center to develop an on-line planning tool for mapping electric vehicle distribution and workplace charging demand. This tool is designed specifically for Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with a focus on Greater Philadelphia.

The map-based tool has several features in an easy to use interface, including:

  • Maps showing:
    • Where EVs are currently located, based on vehicle registration addresses.
    • Where EVs are projected to be located when five percent of passenger vehicles in the region are EVs.
    • The demand for workplace charging, at various levels of cost.
  • Detailed counts and projections at the census block group and municipality level.
  • Options to display the data in numerous ways, including per capita, per household, per square mile, and as a percentage of passenger vehicles.
  • Options to display information on population, employment, number of housing units.
  • Options for underlying base maps, allowing the user easily to see the underlying land uses and business locations.
  • Maps for all municipalities and census block groups in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The map-based tool contains documentation detailing the methodology underlying the analysis, and instructions on how to use the tool in local EV planning.

map of EV distribution
Current (left) and Projected Future (right) Distribution of Electric Vehicles in Greater Philadelphia
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