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Delaware Valley Truck Parking Study

Product No.: 09057
Date Published: 5/2011

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Geographic Area Covered: DVRPC Region, Pennsylvania Counties of Bucks, Chester Delaware, Montgomery, Pennsylvania Cities of Philadelphia, Chester New Jersey Counties of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Mercer, New Jersey Cities of Camden, Trenton

Abstract: The trucking industry plays an increasing role in the movement of goods for the DVRPC region. Truck drivers often need safe and secure locations at which to park their trucks overnight. This study identifies the capacity of truck parking in the DVRPC region, provides an estimate of the current and future demand, presents the observations of overnight truck parking inventories, and offers recommendations to ensure a sufficient network of truck parking facilities. DVRPC’s work in this area follows in the footsteps of work at MPO’s in New York, North Jersey, and Baltimore, as well as a State-Wide Pennsylvania Study.

Key Words: Freight, Goods Movement, Truck Parking, Truck Stop, Service Plaza, Welcome Center, Rest Area

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