Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia

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Adopted in July 2013, the Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia is the long-range plan for the future growth and development of the DVRPC region. The Connections 2040 Plan includes land use, environmental, economic competitiveness, and transportation strategies, and puts forth a vision for investing in our transportation system. Due to funding constraints outlined in the Plan, we cannot fully afford the vision, so the Plan also identifies a set of fiscally constrained transportation projects that the region can afford over the lifespan of the Plan.

The transportation investments contained in the Connections 2040 Plan are periodically amended to reflect changing funding realities and regional needs and priorities.

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      To help develop the financial plan component of Connections 2040, total regional transportation infrastructure needs for Greater Philadelphia through 2040 was compared to available revenue under three scenarios:

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