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Connections 2050 Plan for Greater Philadelphia: Policy Manual

Product No.: 21027
Date Published: 1/2022

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Geographic Area Covered: The nine-county DVRPC region, which covers the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer counties in New Jersey.

Abstract: The Connections 2050 Plan for Greater Philadelphia: Policy Manual documents the Connections 2050 vision, principles, goals, policies and strategies, and contains a summary of the financial plan. It has a companion report, The Connections 2050 Plan for Greater Philadelphia Process and Analysis Manual contains supporting information related to the vision and strategies, along with the detailed financial plan.

Key Words: Region, Long-Range Plan, Plan, 2050, Vision, Principles, Equity, Resiliency, Sustainability, Goals, Environment, Communities, Land Use, The Economy, Transportation, Strategies, Transportation Investments, Tracking Progress, Regional Values, Regional Concerns, Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Scenarios, Technology, Automated Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Shared Mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service, Forecasts, Population, Employment, Development, Open Space, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Air Quality, Water Quality, Local Food, Housing, Environmental Justice, Education, Centers, Historic Preservation, Net Zero Carbon, Infrastructure, Vision Zero, Circuit Trails, Security, Cybersecurity, Workforce Skills, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy, Small Business, Goods Movement, Poverty, Contingent Strategies, Antiracism, Broadband, Transportation Funding, Major Regional Projects, Funding Options.

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Alison M. Hastings, PP, AICP  Associate Director, Communications and Engagement
  • Amy Verbofsky  Manager, Healthy and Resilient Communities
  • Andrew Svekla  Manager, Office of Smart Growth
  • Angela Rio  Graphic Design and Print Specialist
  • Betsy R. Mastaglio, RLA  Associate Director, Multimodal Planning
  • Brett Fusco  Associate Director, Comprehensive Planning
  • Christopher J. Linn, AICP  Manager,Office of Climate and Environment
  • Elise Turner  Manager, Office of Communications and Engagement
  • Elizabeth V. Compitello  Manager, Sustainable Energy
  • Jaclyn Davis  Manager, Office of Long Range Planning
  • Karen P. Cilurso, PP, AICP  Associate Director, Livable Communities
  • Karin A. Morris, AICP  Director of Community Planning
  • Kevin S. Murphy  Manager, Office of Safe Streets
  • Mark H. Gatti  Associate Manager, Office of GIS
  • Michael Boyer  Director of Regional Planning
  • Rebecca J. Maule  Senior Graphic Artist
  • Sean Greene  Manager, Office of Freight and Clean Transportation
  • Shoshana Akins  Senior Public Participation Planner

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