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The Delaware Valley is a premier freight transportation gateway. It possesses one of the world's busiest freshwater ports; rail freight service from two large Class I railroads and 12 smaller short lines; an airport with expanding international cargo services; an excellent highway and connector network; and numerous rail and port intermodal terminals.

The performance of this extraordinary network helps promote and support a thriving economy. PhillyFreightFinder is a resource for exploring and tracking this regional freight network. Explore below Greater Philadelphia's Freight Centers—clusters of freight-intensive activity—profiles of freight activity in each of the region's nine counties, freight performance indicators, or a map of the freight network.

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Freight Planning at DVRPC

PhillyFreightFinder is the product of DVRPC’s continuing, comprehensive freight planning program. This program enables carriers and shippers to participate in the metropolitan planning process and identifies freight transportation trends and needs in the region.

PhillyFreightFinder represents a true public-private partnership made possible by the members and friends of DVRPC’s freight advisory committee, the Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force. The Task Force’s Data Subcommittee has provided active oversight and guidance in designing and preparing the application.

To learn more about the DVRPC's freight planning activities and freight advisory committee, please visit the freight page of the DVRPC website.

DVRPC Freight Planning Staff Mission Statement

The DVRPC Freight Planning staff is dedicated to creating and sustaining a dynamic and service-oriented freight planning program in a culture of excellence as defined by integrity, passion, discipline, and personal and professional development.

Contact our Staff

Kristen Scudder
Manager, Freight Programs

Phone: 215.238.2939 | Email:

Daniel Farina, Jr. AICP
Senior Transportation Planner, Freight Programs

Phone: 215.238.2871 | Email:

Recent Freight Studies

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Additional Licenses

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Awesome Markers

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Data Disclaimer

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Recipients of DVRPC digital files are encouraged to credit DVRPC as the source of the data when producing maps, graphics, or other documents that utilize DVRPC files.


The contents and information contained in this application will be updated on a regular basis as new information is available. However, at any one point in time, some data may not reflect the most current conditions. At the present time, this mapping tool only contains infrastructure and facilities within the official DVRPC region.

The format and information on this map may be updated or changed at any time. This map does not expand the liability of DVRPC, state, local, and other agencies beyond existing law.

Open Freight App

Open Freight App is a project by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to share with regional and national transportation planning partners the framework that is the basis for the PhillyFreightFinder web mapping and data application. Through this effort, DVRPC hopes that county planning agencies, metropolitan planning organizations and state departments of transportation, and economic development agencies can leverage this framework to further their efforts in making freight transportation data public. By utilizing the Open Freight App framework, rather than building from scratch, planning agencies can focus their time and resources on the development of data sets that can serve to improve the access to information on freight facilities and their role in economic development and transportation across the country. Open Freight App would serve as a self-hosted solution to offer these datasets to other planners, economic developers, public officials, decision-makers and the general public.


Open Freight App, is a white-label, open source version of the DVRPC PhillyFreightFinder application. This version is available for download and open for replication by any user. This version will have no branding or color styling applied and a standardized icon set will be provided for a sample set of data. In addition, the project will include the following:

  • Full documentation and guide on:
    • Adding map functionality for layers and features
    • Creating info windows for feature data
    • Creating and modifying legend and layer controls
    • Populating search criteria
    • Converting ArcGIS Shapefiles to lightweight GeoJSONs for use in the map
    • and more!
  • Fully commented versions of all necessary HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
  • A starter set of freight facility icons
  • License and credit materials

Advanced coding support is not included with this product. While staff at DVRPC can field general questions and assist with certain aspects of the project, formal support in the form of coding, styling, graphic design and advanced development must be done by an outside consultant. If you require more advanced support please contact us for more information.