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Greater Philadelphia Pedestrian Portal (

Product No.: WEB18038
Date Published: 1/2021

Geographic Area Covered: DVRPC region (all 9 counties)

Abstract: DVRPC’s Regional Sidewalk Inventory project created a new dataset for understanding, evaluating, and prioritizing pedestrian accessibility in Greater Philadelphia. The Pedestrian Portal is intended to make that data easily available and useful for local planners, officials, and members of the public to inform and inspire pedestrian improvements. The portal allows for easy maintenance and local ground truthing of the regional sidewalk inventory data, and provides a space for collaboration between local, county, and regional planning partners working on pedestrian improvements.

Key Words: Pedestrian, walkability, GIS, sidewalks, crosswalks, curb ramps

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Gregory R. Krykewycz PP, AICP  Associate Director, Multimodal Planning
  • James E. Strangfeld CAPM  Associate Manager, Web Services
  • Logan Axelson   Senior Transportation Planner
  • Rebecca J. Maule   Senior Graphic Artist
  • Sean Lawrence   GIS System Administrator
  • William Stevens   Associate Director, Data Services

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