ERH Details

To qualify for Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Service you must:

  • Work in southeastern Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery counties or the City of Philadelphia)
  • Agree to share a ride to work at least 3 days a week
  • Be approved (per the information on your application)
  • Be willing to pay for transportation up front, and send in required materials to be reimbursed
  • Register every two (2) years to stay active in the database

How does ERH work?

  1. Once your application is accepted and filed, you're in the database and will receive an instruction form and a reimbursement form.
  2. If an emergency* arises, contact a local taxi or "limousine" service, rent a car or take transit to get you where you need to go.
  3. Make sure you obtain an official receipt from the company providing the ride!
  4. Send the receipt with a completed Reimbursement Form to Emergency Ride Home, within 30 days.
  5. Upon approval, ERH will send reimbursement in the form of a check within 45 days.

What constitutes an emergency?

For the purposes of ERH, an emergency might include but is not limited to: sudden illness or injury of immediate family member or person for whom you have an appointed guardian; unplanned home problem that is immediately threatening (fire, flood, collapse, etc.); unplanned overtime required by supervisor which would prohibit using your regular ride home.

Registered commuters may only utilize this service two (2) times in a calendar year.

Special note to transit riders:

Please note that in some instances, depending on the location of your work site and transit schedules, it may still be faster to get to your car or to the place of emergency via transit instead of using a taxi service or rental car. If schedules are not accommodating, please use the ERH service. ERH DOES NOT COVER TRANSIT DELAYS OR STOPPAGE DUE TO NATURAL DISASTER OR ACCIDENTS.

Participants may only use this service two (2) times in a calendar year, and may only be reimbursed up to $50 per use or no more than $100 per year.

For more information contact the Office of Commuter Services at 215-592-1800 or

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