Health Disparities Index

The Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), a nonprofit institute for public health, surveys 10,000 households in Southeastern Pennsylvania about every two years to determine and track indicators for health. DVRPC acquired data from their 2010 survey, and selected four health-related indicators – overweight/obesity, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure – to review based on their relationships to behaviors partially dictated by development patterns and availability of transportation choices.

2010 Health Data Snapshot – Southeastern Pennsylvania

Using PHMC's 2010 survey data, DVRPC produced a brief data analysis to better understand the geographic distribution of health outcomes. DVRPC developed a number of maps and narrative summaries to inform DVRPC staff and others.

Community Investment Index

DVRPC also incorporated its analysis of the 2010 Health Data Snapshot into its Community Investment Index.

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