Commonly Used Terms in Transportation and Other Planning Areas

AADBAnnual Average Daily Bicycles
AADPAnnual Average Daily Pedestrians
AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AB ModelActivity Based Model
ACSAmerican Community Survey
ACTAmerican Communities Survey
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
APTAAmerican Public Transportation Association
AQAAir Quality Action
AQPAir Quality Partnership
ATRAutomatic Traffic Recorder
AVAutonomous Vehicle
AWDTAverage Weekday Daily Traffic
BCTMABucks County Transportation Management Association
BIDBusiness Improvement District
BILBipartisan Infrastructure Law
BRTBus Rapid Transit
CAAAClean Air Act Amendments
CACClean Air Council
CBDCentral Business District
CBNRComprehensive Bus Network Redesign
CCCTMACross County Connection Transportation Management Association
CDConcept Development
CDCCommunity Development Corporation
CEDSComprehensive Economic Development Strategy
CHSTPComprehensive Human Services Transportation Plan
CMAQCongestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program
CMPCongestion Management Program
CPTMACentral Philadelphia Transportation Management Association
CRCounty Route
CRRSAACoronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act
CTPPCensus Transportation Planning Package
CZACCoastal Zone Advisory Committee
CZMCoastal Zone Management
DBEDisadvantaged Business Enterprise
DCADepartment of Community Affairs
DCTMADelaware County Transportation Management Association
DECZDelaware Estuary Coastal Zone
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DODDepartment of Defense
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DRPADelaware River Port Authority
DRWIDelaware River Watershed Initiative
DVGMTFDelaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force
ECGEast Coast Greenway
EDAEconomic Development Administration
EDDEconomic Development District
EJEnvironmental Justice
ERHEmergency Ride Home
ETAEquity through Access
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAST ActFixing America’s Surface Transportation Act
FASTLANEFostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FLMAFederal Land Management Agency
FTAFederal Transit Administration
FYFiscal Year
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GISGeographic Information Systems
GMTMAGreater Mercer Transportation Management Association
GVFTMAGreater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association
HAVHighly Autonomous Vehicle
HCTFHealthy Communities Task Force
HDVHeavy-duty Diesel Vehicle
HIPHighway Infrastructure Program
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle
HPMSHighway Performance Monitoring System
HSIPHighway Safety Improvement Program
HSMHighway Safety Manual
HUDUS Department of Housing and Urban Development
ICGInteragency Consultation Group
ICMIntegrated Corridor Management
IDRuMInteractive Detour Route Mapping
IIJAInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
IMTFIncident Management Task Force
IPDIndicators of Potential Disadvantage
IREGInformation Resources Exchange Group
ISATOIncreasing Safe and Accessible Transportation Options
ITEInstitute of Transportation Engineers
ITSIntelligent Transportation Systems
JARCJob Access Reverse Commute
LCDLocal Concept Development
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LEEDLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LEPLimited English Proficiency
LOSLevel of Service
LRPLong-Range Plan
LTAPLocal Technical Assistance Program
MAPMobility Alternatives Program
MAP21-Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century
MIREModel Inventory of Roadway Elements
MITMunicipal Implementation Tools
MOVESMotor Vehicles Emissions Simulator
MPMPMultimodal Project Management System
MPOMetropolitan Planning Organization
NAAQSNational Ambient Air Quality Standards
NACTONational Association of City Transportation Officials
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System
NEPANational Environmental Protection Act
NETSNational Establishment Time Series
NHSNational Highway System
NHSLNorristown High Speed Line
NJ BPACNJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council
NJBPUNew Jersey Board of Public Utilities
NJCRCNew Jersey Coastal Resilience Collaborative
NJ DCANJ Department of Community Affairs
NJ DEPNJ Department of Environmental Protection
NJ DOTNJ Department of Transportation
NJ OPANJ Office for Planning Advocacy
NJ SAFRNJ Southern Area First Responders
NJTNew Jersey Transit
NJTANJ Turnpike Authority
NJTPANorth Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
oTISPhiladelphia Managing Director's office of Transportation and Infrastructure Sustainability
PA DCEDPA Department of Community and Economic Development
PA DCNRPennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
PA DEPPA Department of Environmental Protection
PARTPottstown Area Rapid Transit
PA SDCPA State Data Center
PATCOPort Authority Transit Corporation
PEAsPlanning Emphasis Areas
PELPlanning and Environment Linkages
PennDOTPA Department of Transportation
PLFHWA and FTA Metropolitan Planning Program funds
PM 2.5Particulate Matter 2.5 microns
PMCProgram Management Committee
PMRPCPottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission
POAPoint of Access
PPAPreliminary Preferred Alternative
PPACPedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
PPTAPA Public Transportation Association
PPTFPublic Participation Task Force
PSATSPA State Association of Township Supervisors
PTCPA Turnpike Commission
PTMAPartnership Transportation Management Association
PWPPlanning Work Program
RACRegional Aviation Committee
RASPRegional Aviation System Plan
RCRSRoad Condition Reporting System
RideECORide Easy Commute Options
RIMISRegional Integrated Multimodal Information Sharing
RPORural Planning Organization
RSLPPRegional Streetlight Procurement Program
RSTFRegional Safety Task Force
RTACRegional Transit Advisory Committee
RTCRegional Technical Committee
RTSAPRegional Transportation Safety Analysis and Plan
SDRPState Development and Redevelopment Plan
SEPTASoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SHSPStrategic Highway Safety Plan
SILOCServices in Lieu of Cash
SIPState Implementation Plan
SJCATFSustainable Jersey Climate Adaptation Task Force
SJTASouth Jersey Transportation Authority
SJTPOSouth Jersey Transportation Planning Organization
SMESubject Matter Experts
SOSStrategies for Older Suburbs
SOVSingle Occupant Vehicle
SRHPPSupportive Regional Highway Planning Program
SRTSSafe Routes to School
SRTTSafe Routes to Transit
SS4ASafe Streets and Roads for All
STBGPSurface Transportation Block Grant Program
STIPState Transportation Improvement Program
STOPSSimplified Trips-On-Projects Software
STPSurface Transportation Program
STUSTP Funds Allocated to Urban Areas
SVCStored Value Card
TAMPTransportation Asset Management Plan
TAPTransportation Alternatives Program
TCDITransportation and Community Development Initiative
TCRPTransit Cooperative Research Program
TDMTransportation Demand Management
TDMTravel Demand Model
TETransportation Enhancements
TIM2Travel Improvement Model Version 2
TIM3Travel Improvement Model Version 3
TIPTransportation Improvement Plan
TMATransportation Management Association, Transportation Management Area
TMACCTransportation Management Association of Chester County
TMPTraffic Management Plan
TODTransit Oriented Development
TOPTravel Options Program
TOTFTransportation Operations Task Force
TPMTransportation Performance Measures
TPMTransportation Performance Management
TRIDTransit Revitalization Investment District
TRBTransportation Research Board
TSMTransportation Systems Management
TSMOTransportation Systems Management and Operations
TSPTransit Support Program
TSPTransit Signal Priority
UPWPUnified Planning Work Program
US DOTUS Department of Transportation
US EDAUS Economic Development Administration
US EPAUS Environmental Protection Agency
UWAGUrban Waterfront Action Group
VOCVolatile Organic Compound
VMTVehicle Miles Traveled
VPIVirtual Public Involvement
Air Quality Partnership
Annual Report
Connections 2050
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)
Economic Development District