Regional Technical Committee

10:00 AM, November 5, 2003

A light lunch will be available

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA

For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance

10:00 a.m.

Regional Transportation Committee Meeting

12:00 noon


1:00 p.m.

Pennsylvania Subcommittee Meeting

1. Call to Order - Chairman's Comments

2. Transportation Director's Report

3. Report on Regional Citizens Committee Activities


4. Highlights of the Meeting of October 7, 2003

5. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments to the TIP. As situations arise, the RTC is asked to consider changes.

a. TIP Action NJ04-02 - River Road and 29th Street Drainage Improvements, Camden County (New Project)


6. Corridor Planning: NJ 70 Study

Kevin Murphy will present the corridor planning process and the issues related to NJ 70 (Airport Circle to Marlton Circle) involving Cherry Hill Township, Evesham Township, Haddonfield Boro, and Pennsauken Township. The RTC will have an opportunity to comment on the process and offer insights specifically related to this corridor.


7. Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP)

The Census Transportation Planning Package is a set of special tabulations of 2000 Census data tailored to meet the needs of transportation planners. These tabulations relate social and demographic characteristics of persons, households, and workers to the journey-to-work characteristics, such as travel time and travel mode to work. Matt Gates will present highlights from the recently released CTPP Part 1 and preview data from the soon to be released Parts 2 and 3.

8. The Ratables Chase: Property Taxes and Local Planning

Over-reliance on property taxes to fund local services (especially education) can result in a desire to maximize land uses that produce high tax revenue but demand few services (commercial or industrial development) while minimizing uses that require higher levels of service relative to the tax revenue they generate (especially residential uses). The purpose of this report is to assess the role and impacts of the existing property tax system on municipal land use decision-making and, consequently, on local and regional land use patterns. Mary Bell, Senior Regional Planner, will present the study's process and findings.


9. Access Management Along Pennsylvania Highways in the Delaware Valley FY 2004 Work Program Project # 4-43-040

Staff will discuss the formulation of a multijurisdictional steering committee to complement PENNDOT's statewide project: "Development of Model Access Management Ordinances" (in progress).

10. TransitChek Advertising Campaign

Staff will describe the new advertising campaign for the TransitChek Program which was recently unveiled.

11. TransAction Conference

Staff will provide an update on the New Jersey Statewide Transportation Conference, TransAction, to be held in Atlantic City on April 19-21, 2004.

12. Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP)

Staff will provide a status report for the MAP program for the first quarter of 2004.

13. One Minute Reports

RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies.

14. Old Business and New Business

15. Meeting Adjournment

The next scheduled meeting of the RTC is January 6, 2004.

1. Highlights of the October 7, 2003 RTC Meeting
2. TIP Action , November 2003
3. Calendar of Events for November, 2003

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