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Connections 2050 Explorer

Product No.: WEB22017
Date Published: 5/2022

Geographic Area Covered: The nine-county DVRPC region, which covers the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer counties in New Jersey.

Abstract: The Connections 2050 Explorer summarizes the Connections 2050: Plan for Greater Philadelphia in a highly graphic web interface. It details key regional trends and forces; population and employment forecasts; the Plan's vision, principles, focus areas and goals with related interactive maps; key strategies needed to achieve the vision; contains a summary of the financial plan; and considerations for implementation.

Key Words: Connections 2050, Vision, principles, focus areas, goals, strategies, Tracking Progress, indicators, scenarios, equity, resiliency, sustainability, environment, communities, transportation, economy, key strategies, open space, Centers, housing, greenhouse gas emissions, net Zero emissions, Vision Zero, roads, transit, walking, biking, infrastructure, The Circuit, shared mobility, financial plan, major regional projects, transportation funding, implementation.

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Angela Rio  Graphic Design and Print Specialist
  • Benjamin T. Gruswitz, AICP  Manager, Socioeconomic and Land Use Analytics
  • Brett Fusco  Associate Director, Comprehensive Planning
  • Christopher J. Linn, AICP  Manager,Office of Climate and Environment
  • Christopher R. Pollard  Manager, Office of GIS
  • Glenn T. McNichol  Principal GIS Analyst
  • Jaclyn Davis  Manager, Office of Long Range Planning
  • Kelly Meehan  GIS Analyst
  • Kimberly A. Dean  Manager, Office of Creative and Print Services
  • Michael Boyer  Director of Regional Planning
  • Michael Ruane  Associate Director, Planning Innovation
  • Rebecca J. Maule  Senior Graphic Artist
  • Stephanie Cavacini  Associate Manager, Office of Creative and Print Services

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