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Travel Market Analysis for NJ TRANSIT Atlantic City Rail Line

Product No.: TR21035
Date Published: 12/2021

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Geographic Area Covered: Philadelphia County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County

Abstract: A travel market analysis of the Atlantic City Rail Line (ACRL) was conducted to provide NJ TRANSIT with insight on the travel needs of commuters throughout the study corridor. The results are intended to be used to better inform future improvements to the ACRL. Conclusions drawn from studies conducted by related organizations explores transit ridership, employment, access to transit, and COVID-19 conditions. A series of two corridor-wide surveys were conducted to engage with employers and commuters to enquire on local travel needs. The surveys questioned participants on their work shift times, work location, frontline worker status, and commute modes. A final open-ended question provided participants with the opportunity to express any other travel concerns regarding the rail line. The surveys concluded that work shifts have remained consistent with traditional peak hours and that while most commute by vehicle they would be open to using the rail line if improvements were made.

Key Words: Rail Line, Commuter, Employer, Frontline Worker, Commute Flow, Station-level, Ridership

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Glenn T. McNichol  Principal GIS Analyst
  • Gregory R. Krykewycz, PP, AICP  Director of Transportation Planning

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