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Environmental Justice at DVRPC
Fiscal Year 2014

Publication No.: TM15017
Date Published: 9/2014
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Pages: 38

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Geographic Area Covered: Nine-County Delaware Valley region, comprised of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Mercer counties in New Jersey.

Abstract: In 2001, DVRPC published the "... and Justice for All" report to identify impacts of disparate funding and services on defined low-income and minority groups. A methodology was created, refined in subsequent years, to identify populations that may be adversely affected by transportation planning decisions. This report is an annual update of that initial report and catalogues DVRPC's fiscal year 2014 programs and plans that contain Environmental Justice (EJ) elements. Descriptions for each project or program that use DVRPC's EJ methodology, now known as the Indicators of Potential Disadvantage (IPD), are discussed, including DVRPC's Long-Range Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). This year’s update also includes updated population data.

Key Words: Environmental Justice, Title VI, Executive Order 12898, Executive Order 13166, Indicators of Potential Disadvantage (IPD) Methodology, minority populations, persons with disabilities, households in poverty, Hispanic, elderly, carless households, limited English proficiency, demographics, Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), long-range plan, air quality, corridor studies, Title VI plan.

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