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Cultivating Camden: A Status Report

Product No.: 21039
Date Published: 3/2022

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Geographic Area Covered: Camden, New Jersey

Abstract: This status report takes a look at Camden’s food system five years after DVRPC originally released Cultivating Camden. It analyzes the most recent demographic and economic data to get a better understanding of how the food system may have changed during this time. It also shares some of the progress that has been made towards, as well as the barriers to, implementing the recommendations in Cultivating Camden. Finally, it details some of the new programs and initiatives working to improve Camden’s food system that have arisen in the past five years.

Key Words: Anchor Institution, Camden, Campbell Soup Company, Community Garden, Community Organizations, Corner Store, Economic Base, Economic Development, Employment, Entrepreneurs, Farmers’ Market, Food, Food Access, Food Assistance, Food Economy, Food Industry, Food Retail, Food Sector, Food Security, Food System, Funding, Grocery Store, Health, Healthcare, Income, Land Inventory, Local Government, New Jersey, Nonprofit, Nutrition Education, Produce, Small Business, Stakeholder, Transit, Urban Agriculture, Wages.

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Amy Verbofsky  Manager, Healthy and Resilient Communities
  • Brian Carney  Economic and Demographic Analyst
  • Melat Musie  Environmental Planner
  • Stephanie Cavacini  Associate Manager, Office of Creative and Print Services

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