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Municipal Implementation Toolbox Mailer

Product No.: 20007
Date Published: 8/2019

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Geographic Area Covered: DVRPC Nine-County Region

Abstract: Promotional booklet for DVRPC's online Municipal Implementation Toolbox. DVRPC has designed the online resource to assist municipal efforts to protect, preserve and grow communities in the region, all of which help to implement the goals of Connections 2045, the region’s Long-Range Plan. Implementation of the plan—and much of our collective future—is based on how the region’s 352 municipalities use their home-rule authority to influence land use, provide public services, protect natural and historic resources, and, ultimately, create the places we call home. The Toolbox takes the five principles of the long-range plan, identifies a variety of recommended tools for municipalities, and shares case studies, resources and sample ordinances. This booklet gives examples of what just a few municipalities in the Delaware Valley are doing to implement the Long-Range Plan. Visit to see more in the online Toolbox.

Key Words: Map, Parkland, Land Acquisition, Conservation, Easements, Open Space, Funding, Environmental Protection, Ordinance, Protect, Stormwater, Post-Disaster, Street Tree, Greenhouse Gas, Climate Change, Alternative Energy, Energy-Efficient, Food System, Agriculture, Right-To-Farm, Historic, Zoning, Certified Local Government, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), Revitalization, Brownfields, Redevelopment, Housing, Rehabilitation, Inclusionary, Live/Work, Universal Design, Visitability, Impact Fee, Multi-municipal, Shared Services, Smart, Economic Development Task Force, Tourism Improvement District (TID), Buy Local, Permitting, Business Incubator, Broadband, Minority- And Women-Owned Business, Downtown Management, Financial Incentives, Human Capital Investments, Community Shuttle, Accessory Dwelling Units, Universal Pre-K, Community Benefits Agreements (cbas), Community Engagement, Underserved, Multimodal, Transportation, Connections, Shared, Mobility, Complete Streets, Delivery, Design, Curbside Management, Vision Zero, Traffic Calming, Safety, Audit, Access Management, Transportation Demand Management (Tdm), Connected, Automated Vehicle, Aging, Affordability, Education, Jobs, Downtown, Regional, Business, Parking, Preserve, Finance, Flood, Green, Climate, Energy, Traffic, Transit, Health, Active, Amenities, People, Future, Technology, Safety

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