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Montgomery County PA Turnpike Interchange Report

Product No.: 18036
Date Published: 5/2021

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Geographic Area Covered: Montgomery County

Abstract: This study evaluates three proposed new or completed Pennsylvania Turnpike interchanges. The three proposed interchanges are divided into two study areas based on location. The proposed new interchange at Welsh Road and proposed completed Virginia Drive interchange were studied independently of the proposed new interchange at Henderson Road. The main goals of the evaluations were to inform the public and local decision makers of the likely impacts of the new interchanges on the local roadway network and to identify additional roadway improvements to mitigate negative impacts. The project team used regional and localized traffic modeling to simulate existing conditions and forecast future scenarios. There were four total scenarios compared during the AM and PM peak hours: 2019 Existing Conditions, 2045 No Build Scenario, 2045 Build Scenario, and 2045 Build + Improvements.

Key Words: Henderson Road, Interchange, Montgomery County, PA Turnpike, Virginia Drive, Welsh Road

Staff Contact(s)

Project Team

  • Alison M. Hastings PP, AICP  Associate Director, Communications and Engagement
  • Benjamin J Loeb   Senior Transportation Engineer
  • Gregory R. Krykewycz PP, AICP  Director of Transportation Planning
  • Kelsey McElduff   Senior Transportation Engineer
  • Matthew T. Gates   Associate Director, Travel Trends and Forecasts
  • Sarah K Moran   Manager, Office of Mobility Analysis and Design
  • Stephanie Cavacini   Associate Manager, Office of Creative and Print Services

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