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Improving Safety and Stormwater along Cobbs Creek Parkway: 60th Street to 70th Street

Product No.: 17071
Date Published: 5/2019

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Geographic Area Covered: Philadelphia, PA; Yeadon Borough, Delaware County, PA

Abstract: During the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Lower Southwest District Plan process, Cobbs Creek Parkway was identified as problematic due to its speeding traffic, complex intersections, and nearby vulnerable populations. As a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation state highway, Cobbs Creek Parkway is also a challenge for traffic calming. This study examines intersections that link Cobbs Creek Parkway with Lower Southwest Philadelphia neighborhoods, with a particular emphasis on traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures, transit connections, and green stormwater infrastructure. A more coordinated street configuration and transit improvements could greatly reduce conflicts.

Key Words: Cobbs Creek Parkway, Cobbs Creek Park, Cobbs Creek Trail, 60th Street, Edgewood Street, Springfield Avenue, 65th Street, 67th Street, 68th Street, 70th Street, Chester Avenue, 71st Street, Church Lane, Larry Street, Kingsessing Avenue, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Safety, Stormwater, Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), Speeding, Crashes, Guardrail, Guiderail, Traffic Calming, Lower Southwest Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Cobbs Creek Neighborhood, Paschall Neighborhood, Philadelphia, Yeadon Borough, Delaware County, PennDOT, Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR), Philadelphia Streets Department, Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)

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