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Radnor Station Connectivity

Publication No.: 16041
Date Published: 12/2017
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Pages: 54

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Geographic Area Covered: Radnor Township, Pennsylvania

Abstract: This project evaluated the feasibility and benefits of consolidating two rail stations to improve the connection between the Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail Line and the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) in Radnor Township, Delaware County. The project team concluded that current and future demand of transfers between the two rail stations is too low to justify the high capital cost for station consolidation. However, the project team recommends implementing coordinated wayfinding signage and pavement treatments along with improvements to multi-modal facilities to create a more perceptible, intuitive, and comfortable connection between the two Radnor stations.

Key Words: SEPTA, transit, transfer, rail station, bus stop, pedestrian, wayfinding, multi-modal, intersection improvements

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