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Central Jersey Transportation Forum Planned Projects Status Report
Spring 2016

Product No.: 15046
Date Published: 6/2016
Pages: 84

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Geographic Area Covered: Central Jersey: 24 municipalities in the vicinity of US 1, US 130, and US 206 in Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset counties

Abstract: The Planned Projects Status Report has provided information on transportation projects in Central Jersey for over 13 years. The report covers projects listed in Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. It also covers other regionally important transportation projects regardless of funding. Major land development projects in Central Jersey are included to help with coordination of transportation and land use planning. Full information and maps are provided for 25 projects in the New Jersey Department of Transportation Capital Program. Roadway rehabilitation and bridge projects are the most common types among Central Jersey’s TIP projects, with eight projects each. These system preservation projects represent more than half of the total projects in the Forum area. There are also four roadway improvement projects, two projects to improve drainage or flooding problems, and two projects aimed at improving safety and operations. There is a single project for improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Altogether, the 25 projects in this report represent approval to invest approximately $333 million over the TIP years. The report also includes information on seven transit projects, although many of these cover a broader area than Central Jersey. The land development projects listed as completed or currently under construction in this report will add nearly 1.9 million square feet of commercial space; 2.4 million square feet of warehouse space; and approximately 7,150 housing units. The impacts of these projects will be significant and deserve attention by local and county officials and pertinent transportation agencies and organizations.

Key Words: Central Jersey Transportation Forum, Transportation Improvement Programs, TIP, DVRPC, NJTPA, road improvements, roadway rehabilitation, safety, transit, bridge, land use, land development

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