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Municipal Energy Management: Best Practices from DVRPC's Direct Technical Assistance Program

Publication No.: 15020
Date Published: 4/2016
Pages: 26

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Geographic Area Covered: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in southeastern Pennsylvania

Abstract: This guide highlights best practices and lessons learned from municipal energy management projects in southeastern Pennsylvania. In 2013 and 2014, DVRPC worked with nine municipalities in southeastern Pennsylvania to provide direct technical assistance with measuring, analyzing, and developing implementation strategies for energy management in municipal buildings. The goal of energy management is to identify opportunities for improving how energy is being used at a facility and to develop analyses that support decision making on how best to prioritize and implement these improvements. These improvements can remedy various problems—high energy and maintenance costs due to malfunctioning, poorly installed or aging equipment, poor occupant comfort due to a lack of weatherization, or poorly controlled equipment. This guide will illustrate several best practices for identifying and implementing energy management opportunities that save money and improve building comfort.

Key Words: Municipalities, energy management, Circuit Rider, buildings, lighting, HVAC, comfort, windows.

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