Long-Range Plan

The Long-Range Plan creates a vision for the region’s growth and development and as a blueprint for the prioritization and funding of capital transportation investments. Realizing the integrated and interconnected relationship between transportation and the built environment, the Long-Range Plan also considers regional land use, the environment, economic development, and equity activities and issues. The interactions between these areas are addressed in the five core principles of the Long-Range Plan: Sustain the Environment, Develop Livable Communities, Expand the Economy, Advance Equity and Foster Diversity, and Create an Integrated, Multimodal Transportation Network.

DVRPC conducts ongoing activities related to the development and implementation of the Long-Range Plan. Continuous public and regional stakeholder outreach is an important component to DVRPC's Long-Range Plan.

Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan for Greater Philadelphia

Connections 2045 is Greater Philadelphia's long-range plan. The Plan identifies Greater Philadelphia's vision for land use, the environment, economic development, equity, and transportation; develops strategies to achieve regional goals; contains a fiscally-constrained list of region transportation investments; and uses performance-based planning to ensure efficient use of resources.

Regional Indicators

Regional indicators are a means to monitor and evaluate implementation of Long-Range Plan goals and determine if the recommendations are being accomplished. Over 30 indicators are tracked, grouped under the four core principles of the Long-Range Plan. The online Tracking Progress indicators are updated regularly.

Choices and Voices

Create your vision for Greater Philadelphia with this online visioning tool for growth and development between now and 2040.

Regionally Significant Projects

There are many transportation projects planned or ongoing within the DVRPC region. Most are included in the Transportation Improvement Program or the Long-Range Plan.