Environmental Planning

This webpage highlights DVRPC's efforts related to Environmental Planning projects and programs.

Trails Planning

Greater Philadelphia is home to hundreds of miles of interconnected multi-use trails. The region also has many opportunities to expand the trail network, such as greenway corridors and disused railroad right-of-ways. DVRPC administers funding programs and maintains resources related to the planning, design, and construction of multi-use trails in Greater Philadelphia.

Open Space Planning

Greater Philadelphia’s preserved open spaces contribute to local economies and property values, reduce healthcare and recreation costs, protect valuable habitats, and naturally improve the air and water. DVRPC maintains an inventory of the region’s preserved open spaces, and offers other open space planning resources such as funding programs, research, and tools.

Coastal Resources Management

DVRPC administers the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (PADEP) Coastal Resources Management (CRM) Program in the Delaware Estuary. The CRM Program makes grants annually for planning, education, research, and project implementation. Through CRM funding, DVRPC also administers the Urban Waterfront Action Group (UWAG), which provides early feedback from pertinent regulatory agencies to project sponsors seeking waterfront development permits.

Climate Change Resiliency Planning

Global warming seriously threatens built and natural environments throughout Greater Philadelphia. Sea level rise, severe storms, increased precipitation, and extreme heat will lead to flooding, erosion, drought, and even the loss of life and property. Working with its regional and national partners, DVRPC is involved in initiatives like smart growth, floodplain management, asset management, and urban greening that will make our communities more resilient to climate-related threats.

Municipal Tools and Services to Protect the Environment

Municipalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have decision-making power over many planning and land use issues that impact the natural environment and quality of life. DVRPC offers planning services and technical assistance to municipal governments seeking to protect and improve the environment.