Regional Technical Committee Agenda

10:00 AM Meeting
12:00 Noon Lunch
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1. Call to Order - Chairman''s Comments

2. Transportation Director''s Report

3. Report on Regional Citizens Committee Activities


4. Highlights of the Meeting of January 10, 2006

5. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendments

The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. As situations arise, the PCC/RTC is asked to consider changes.

a. TIP Action PA05-57a: Independence National Historic Park, President''s House (New Proposed Project, MPMS #74834), Philadelphia

b. TIP Action PA05-57b: SR 29 and SR 113 Arcola Road (MPMS #71174), Montgomery County

c. TIP Action PA05-58: District Project Management “A” (MPMS #75854) and District Project Management “B” (MPMS #75855) (New Proposed Projects), Various Counties

d. TIP Action PA05-59: Philly CarShare (MPMS #68075), Various Counties

e. TIP Action PA05-60: US 202 Section 700 (MPMS #''s 47396, 16731, and 47395), Bucks and Montgomery Counties

f. TIP Action PA05-61: Easton Road Closed Loop Signal System (MPMS #61061), Bucks County

g. TIP Action PA05-62: Bethlehem Bridge Over Cooks Creek (New Proposed Project MPMS #73009), Montgomery County

h. TIP Action NJ06-04: DRPA Purchase/Rebuild PATCO Cars (DB #DR046) Various Counties

I. TIP Action NJ06-05: Burlington County Traffic Operations Center (New Proposed Project), Burlington County

j. TIP Action NJ06-06: Route 295, Tomlin Station Road to Route 45, Rehabilitation (DB #00372A), Gloucester County

6. Fiscal Year 2006 Planning Work Program Development Amendments

To respond to the needs of member governments and agencies, work program changes and additions are brought to the PCC/RTC to permit the timely undertaking of technical activity.

a. TreeVitalize: Street Tree Education for Municipal Officials

7. FY 2007 Transportation Management Association Assistance Grant and Mobility Alternatives Program Work Programs

Each January, PENNDOT requires eligible Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) to submit applications for funding for the following fiscal year. Draft Work programs were submitted to the RTC at the January 10th meeting, at which time the RTC recommended to the DVRPC Board a 20% funding increase for the 2007 TMA Assistance Grant. Final work programs, incorporating this increase as well as comments from DVRPC and PENNDOT, will be presented for RTC approval.

8. New Jersey Local Scoping Highway Program

The New Jersey Local Scoping Program provides federal funds directly to member
governments for the advancement of projects through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and preliminary engineering processes. By developing solutions to a defined problem, projects may then be eligible for advancement in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The following project is proposed to draw funds down from the DVRPC Local Scoping Line Item in FY06: Camden County: Haddon Avenue (CR-561) & Franklin Avenue (CR-692 in Berlin Township.

9. PA Counties: Systemwide Functional Classification Update

The federal highway functional classification system categorizes each segment of
public roadway according to its location, function and usage. Following the 2000 Census redesignation of the urban boundary, many segments switched from rural to urban. Staff, working with the Pennsylvania counties, took this opportunity to review the classification of all public roads. Staff will present the proposed changes which have been reviewed and accepted by PennDOT. Formal action will be required by the DVRPC Board.


10. Evaluation of Census Transportation Planning Data for the Delaware Valley Region

Based on a paper by Dr. Thabet Zakaria, Scott Brady will present a background of the US Census Bureau''s Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) and itsimportance to the work of DVRPC. He will cover staff review and adjustment of these data and present recommendations to address some of the deficiencies in the data and reporting program. The changeover from Census long form to the American Community Survey (ACS) will be discussed.

11. Traffic Incident Management Policy and Procedures

DVRPC, in coordination with NJ DOT, the NJ State Police, PENNDOT, and the PA State Police, has established two Incident Management Task Forces in the region. The primary purpose of the Task Forces is to foster communication and cooperation among organizations that are involved in responding to highway traffic incidents. Both Task Forces have created a Policy and Procedures manual to be followed when responding to traffic incidents on the highway. A short overview of each manual will be presented.


12. Commuter Services Programs

Commuter Services staff will update the Committee on 1) the status of the RFP for an Emergency Ride Home program for southeastern Pennsylvania, and 2) the status of the pilot for the new TransitChek Select service.

13. Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance

Staff will provide an update on the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance (DVSGA) which is designed to support smart growth projects as they go through the local approval process. DVSGA is a non-profit initiative of over 100 government, private and non-profit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region, including Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and the State of Delaware.

14. One Minute Reports

PCC/RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies.

15. Old Business and New Business

16. Meeting Adjournment

The next scheduled meeting of the PCC/RTC is March 7, 2006.

1. Highlights of the January 2006 RTC Meeting
2. Report on Citizens Committee Activity
3. TIP Actions, February 2006
4. DVRPC Proposed Functional Classification Changes, Pennsylvania