Regional Technical Committee

10:00 am

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


1. Call to Order – Chairman’s Comments


2. Deputy Executive Director’s Report


3. Public Comments on Agenda and Non-Agenda Items



4. Highlights of the Meeting of September 13, 2016


5. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. The following projects require formal TIP Amendments or Modifications this month for the FY 2017 TIP for PA and FY16 NJ TIP.

  1. NJ16-054: Planning and Research, Federal-Aid, (DB# X30), Statewide – Cost Increase and Scope Change
  2. PA17-01: 15th Street Bridge over the Callowhill Cut (Act 13 Bridge), (MPMS # TBD), City of Philadelphia – Add New Project to the TIP.
  3. PA17-02: Chestnut Street Bridges, Ramps, (8) at 30th Street, (MPMS #17816), City of Philadelphia – Cost Increase
  4. PA17-03:  Funds Obligated Under FY2015 TIP, (Various MPMS #s), Various Counties

6. Equity Through Access: Update to the Region’s Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan

Staff will present the draft outcomes of the Equity Through Access project, including the new plan’s priority ‘gaps and bridges’ that were developed through an iterative outreach process. A recommendation from the RTC will be sought on Board consideration of the draft plan priorities.

7. 2045 Employment Forecasts

As a part of the Commission’s long-range planning activities, DVRPC is required to maintain population and employment forecasts with at least a 20-year horizon, or to the horizon year of the long-range plan. Population forecasts in five-year increments through 2045 were adopted by the DVRPC Board on July 28, 2016. In recent months, staff has worked collaboratively with county planning staffs to develop employment forecasts in five-year increments through 2045. Staff will present the 2045 employment  forecasts, and request that RTC recommend adoption of the forecasts by the DVRPC Board at their October 27th meeting.

8. Fiscal Year 2017 Planning Work Program Amendment

 To respond to the needs of member governments and agencies, work program    changes and additions are brought to the RTC to permit the timely undertaking of technical activity.

Chester Creek Trail in Chester City

DVRPC will present a $12k grant award from the Regional Trails Program to Chester City to conduct a survey for a portion of the Chester Creek Trail.  The survey is needed to enable the Chester City’s engineer to complete trail construction documents in-house.  


9. PennDOT’s Preparations for Autonomous Vehicles

Pennsylvania’s Autonomous Vehicle Policy Task Force is working toward delivering policy recommendations to Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Transportation. The task force will work to align the pending policy recommendations with the recently released federal guidance on AV policy.  PennDOT Deputy Secretary Myers will discuss how they are preparing for the evolution of AVs. 

10. Autonomous Vehicles’ Potential Impacts on City and Regional Mobility

Autonomous Vehicles are expected to have some specific impacts on mobility at the city and regional level.  This presentation will highlight some of those potential impacts.

11. Darby Transportation Center Access & Development Opportunities Study

DVRPC’s Smart Growth office studied the area surrounding the Darby Transportation Center to determine if transit-oriented development (TOD) is currently a possibility there.  The project team looked at TOD-readiness factors and existing conditions, market conditions, circulation and access issues, and developable sites in order to make recommendations for future development.


12. One Minute Reports

RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies

13. Old Business and New Business


 14. Meeting Adjournment

The next scheduled meeting of the RTC is Tuesday, November 1, 2016.


  1. Highlights of the September 13, 2016 RTC Meeting
  2. TIP Actions: October, 2016
  3. 2045 Employment Forecasts