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10:00 a.m. Planning Coordinating Committee & Regional Transportation Committee Meeting
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:00 p.m. NJ Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Subcommittee Meeting

1. Call to Order - Chairman's Comments

2. Deputy Executive Director's Report

3. Report on Regional Citizens Committee Activities


4. Highlights of the Meeting of January 6, 2009

5. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions


The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. The February RTC/Board TIP agenda has been revised to reflect the following:


a. PA09-19a: Clay Ridge Bridge over Beaver Creek Bridge Replacement Project (MPMS #13014), Bucks County - Proposed New Project


b. PA09-19b: Church Road Bridge over Valley Creek Bridge Replacement Project (MPMS #14261), Chester County - Proposed New Project


c. PA09-19c: Station Road Bridge over Chester Creek Bridge Replacement Project (MPMS #15183), Delaware County - Proposed New Project


d. PA09-20a: Pineville Road Bridge over Pidcock Creek Bridge Replacement Project (MPMS #13242), Bucks County - Add Back In


e. NJ09-07: Route 295/42/I-76 Direct Connection (DB #355), Camden County - Cost Increase


f. NJ09-08: Route 130, Campus Drive (DB #95078B1), Burlington County - Add ROW phase

6. Adoption of 2009 Supplemental Projects Status Memorandum for Congestion Management Process (CMP)


Highway projects that add major Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) capacity are required to include supplemental projects that enhance the benefits of the capacity additions and extend the useful life of the project. The Congestion Management Process (CMP) is required to track implementation of supplemental projects to ensure that these commitments are being faithfully pursued. This third annual memorandum tracking the status of supplemental commitments was prepared in coordination with transportation planning partners. Staff will report highlights of the memorandum and will request RTC approval.

7. Recommendation for Reaffirmation of Conformity Determination of the FY 2009-2012 TIPS for Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the Destination 2030 Long Range Plan


WILMAPCO is currently in the process of adopting their FY 2010-12 TIP. Since New Castle County, Delaware is part of the Philadelphia-Wilmington PM 2.5 nonattainment area and neither DVRPC counties nor New Castle County have SIP budgets for PM 2.5, DVRPC must reaffirm its conformity findings to support WILMAPCOs conformity findings for their new TIP. Public comments on the conformity Reaffirmation will be accepted until February 21, 2009, with no comments being received to date. Staff will request that the RTC recommend Board adoption of the Conformity Reaffirmation.


8. Summary of Research for TransitChek Program


DVRPC consultant, Portfolio Associates, will present initial findings for an in-depth marketing research project conducted in Fall 2008 for the TransitChek program. The project encompassed a written/electronic survey for employers currently offering this benefit to employees, and a separate written/electronic survey for employees participating in the program at those companies. Three focus groups were also conducted with employer administrators. The research provides staff with the demographic information to help improve the program, as well as provides transit usage and mode change data for participating transit agencies and related dvrpc efforts.


9. Suggested Projects for Proposed Economic Recovery Legislation


As the region prepares to receive new funding for infrastructure from the proposed Economic Recovery legislation, DVRPC has been working with stakeholders to identify projects which could advance under this new program. Lists of potential projects will be discussed.


10. FY 2010 Draft Pennsylvania Transportation Management Assistance Grant Program and Mobility Alternatives Program Work Program


Each year at this time Pennsylvania Transportation Management Associations submit draft work programs for the Assistance Grant and Mobility Alternatives Program for the upcoming fiscal year. Staff will present details of the draft work programs and open the comment period.

11. Efficient Growth for Growing Suburbs (EGGS) Program


The EGGS Program is a new grant program funded by PennDOT that will provide grants to growing suburbs to improve growth management and community design and to optimize the efficiency of the transportation network. Staff will present an overview of the program.

12. One Minute Reports


PCC/RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies.

13. Old Business and New Business

14. Meeting Adjournment


The next scheduled meeting of the PCC/RTC is Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

1. Minutes of the January 13, 2009 RCC Meeting
2. Highlights of the January 6, 2009 RTC Meeting
3. TIP Actions, February 2009
4. Draft FY 10 TMA Work Programs