Regional Technical Committee Agenda

10:00 A.M.
Note: Coffee will be available at 9:30 a.m. and a light lunch will be served following the meeting.

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance

10:00 a.m. Planning Coordinating Committee & Regional Transportation Committee Meeting
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:00 p.m. PA Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Subcommittee Meeting

1. Call to Order - Chairman’s Comments

2. Deputy Executive Director’s Report

3. Report on Regional Citizens Committee Activities


4. Highlights of the Meeting of November 5, 2008

5. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions


The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. The October RTC/Board TIP agenda has been revised to reflect the following:


a. PA09-15a: PA 100 South, Pines Community Noisewalls (MPMS #84989), Chester County – Proposed New Project


b. PA09-15b: I-476 Southbound, Avondale Springs Noisewalls (MPMS #84990), Delaware County – Proposed New Project


c. PA09-16: US 322, Main Street/PA 10 Intersection Improvements (MPMS #72603) Chester County – Proposed New DEMO Project


d. PA09-17: Schuylkill River Park Pedestrian Bridge (MPMS #TBD), Philadelphia – Proposed New Project


e. NJ09-05: Maple Shade Township Special Projects Road Program (DB #TBD), Burlington County – Proposed New Project


f. NJ09-06: Bridge Rehabilitation (DB #DR040), DRPA – Add back in

6. DVRPC Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Planning Work Program


The Draft Planning Work Program for FY 2010 was approved by the Board for distribution and review, with the public comment period closing on January 16, 2009. DVRPC staff are in the process of responding to comments that have been received and are working to resolve any open issues. After Board adoption, relevant revisions will continue to be incorporated into the Work Program and the Final document will be produced. The RTC is being asked to recommend that the Board adopt the Final FY 2010 Planning Work Program, pending the resolution of any outstanding comments and issues.


7. The Automobile at Rest: Toward Better Parking Policies in the Delaware Valley


Staff will present a recently released DVRPC study, The Automobile at Rest: Toward Better Parking Policies in the Delaware Valley, which presents an overview of parking policies and requirements in the region, along with strategies for managing and designing parking better.

8. Overview of DVRPC’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory


Staff will present an overview of DVRPC’s recently completed inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the DVRPC region. This inventory provides detailed emissions information at the regional, county, and municipal levels, and will be used to guide DVRPC’s climate change and energy work.

9. DVRPC Long-Range Vision for Transit


Staff will present an overview of DVRPC’s recently-published Long-Range Vision for Transit, which highlights the long-term regional benefits of a modernized, integrated transit network that is coordinated with land development. The report (one project selection input for DVRPC’s next Long-Range Plan) assembles a handful of transit improvement and expansion projects into a series of narratives that illustrate how transit investments would fit into people’s lives and the life of the region. This presentation will provide an overview of the report’s development, as well as a detailed synopsis of one select vision narrative.


10. One Minute Reports


PCC/RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies.

11. Old Business and New Business

12. Meeting Adjournment


The next scheduled meeting of the PCC/RTC is Tuesday, February 10, 2009.

1. Minutes of the November 18, 2008 RCC Meeting
2. Highlights of the November 5, 2008 RTC Meeting
3. TIP Actions, January 2009
4. SEPTA Notice of Public Meetings