Regional Technical Committee

10:00 AM
A light lunch will be available

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


10:00 a.m. RTC Meeting
12:00 p.m. Working Lunch New Jersey Subcommittee Meeting over lunch - Transit Support Program
Note: At 1:30 p.m. a meeting has been scheduled for Regionwide Transportation GIS. (A separate agenda and notice has been mailed)

1. Report of September 1, 1999 RTC Meeting

2. Report on Board Activities


3. Election of Officers

Neil Weissman, RTC Chairman, is leaving the Port Authority for another position. Leo Bagley, Vice Chair, will entertain nominations for Chair from the New Jersey Member Governments.

4. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

During the course of the year it is necessary for the State Departments of Transportation and the transit operators to make changes to the TIP to reflect current program needs.

5. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - Transportation Improvement Program Amendment and Modification Process in New Jersey

Staff has worked extensively with New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Member Governments and the other two Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in New Jersey to craft a uniform MOU detailing procedures to amend and modify the TIP.


6. Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission (STC) Public Hearing and PennDOT Financial Guidance to Develop the next Transportation Improvement Program

October 15, 1999 will be the date the STC meets in the region to receive testimony on suggested projects for the 12 Year Program. The enclosed financial guidance has been prepared by PennDOT through an elaborate consensus process to guide the program process

7. Route 202 (Section 300) Environmental Clearance Process

Staff has concluded its work in managing the categorical exclusion document preparation to achieve environmental clearance for this section of Route 202. A summary report will be provided.

8. Year 2025 Land Use and Transportation Plan: Report #1; The Shape of Things to Come

An update of the 2020 Plans will be undertaken by staff over the next two years. This report outlines the theme process, and schedules that staff expects to follow.

9. DVRPC FY2001 Planning Work Program

An update on the schedule and status of the work program will be provided. Summaries of recent meetings on Transit Support Program (TSP), and the staff work programs will also be made available.

10. Section 16 Program Guidelines and Procedures for Applications

Staff will discuss the Section 16 Program Application Procedures.

11. Getting Older and Getting Around: Aging and Mobility in the Delaware Valley

The number of elderly residents in the Delaware Valley has increased significantly in recent decades and is expected to increase even more dramatically in the future. Most older adults rely on their private car to meet their transportation needs. This report reviews the location and scale of the region's current and forecasted elderly population; discusses the implications of aging on mobility; and recommends strategies to improve mobility and enhance the quality of life of the region's elderly.


  • Transportation Enhancements - Pennsylvania
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Regional Rail Improvement Study
  • Non-Traditional Project Management (PA)
  • NJ DOT Planning Partners Meeting, September 12, 1999

12. Old Business

13. New Business

1. Highlights of the September 1, 1999 RTC Meeting
2. MOU for TIP Amendments and Modifications - New Jersey
3. STC Public Hearing and PennDOT Financial Guide
4. Themes for FY2001 Work Program
5.PennDOT Work Program Emphasis Letter
6. Notice of Friday, October 15, 1999 Meeting on 12 Year Program
7. Section 16 Program Guidelines and Procedures for Applications
8. Calendar of Events for October, 1999