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1.    Report of January 5, 1999 RTC Meeting

2.    Report on Board Activities


3.    Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Modification - 9821; Amendment -    9822

During the fiscal year, transit operators, state Department of Transportations (DOTs) and member governments must modify the TIP to reflect current schedules and needs.  In Modification 9821, NJTransit is requesting a number of changes with the net impact of approximately $7.5 million additional funding.  New Jersey DOT is requesting Amendment 9822, Cooper Hospital Helipad.

4.    Transportation Enhancement Project Selection   

  1. PennDOT has received 400 applications statewide for the 1999 competitive         Transportation Enhancements program; 106 of those applications are for projects within the region.  MPOs are asked to identify 1/3 of the projects within     their respective districts as "high priority" by March 1, for further consideration by     the statewide Transportation Enhancements Advisory Committee (TEAC).          DVRPC staff, in consultation with county/city planning staffs and PennDOT         District 6, have compiled a draft list identifying 37 applications as "high priority."      This list will be presented to the RTC for recommendation to the Board.
  3. Transit funds: An initial discussion will take place on how to involve the DVRPC     committee structure in project selection for this new funding source.

5.    Study Design for Rail Service Improvements

Recently DVRPC, together with an advisory committee, prepared a study design for a comprehensive evaluation of regional rail services in the Delaware Valley.  The study would identify capital and operational improvements for the short and long term.  Enclosed is a description of the study, which could serve as a scope of services for a request for proposals from consultants.  Funding is not currently identified.


6.    Transportation Management Association (TMA) and Mobility Alternative     Program (MAP) Funding

The recently-approved Pennsylvania TIP includes four years of CMAQ funding for MAP and for the TMA program previously funded through PennDOT's Central Office.  PennDOT will now be the contracting agency for both programs and is requesting full involvement by DVRPC member governments and staff in work program design.  An Advisory Committee will be formed.

7.    Status of New Rail and Rail Extension Projects

Enclosed is a three-page summary of rail projects in the region.  Information for each project includes status, capital cost, annual operation cost, forecasted ridership, and alternatives scheduled.  Staff will review this material and expects to update the information quarterly.

8.    Working Lunch - The Future of First Generation Suburbs in the Delaware Valley Region

This report highlights issues and problems facing older boroughs and early suburban townships clustered around Philadelphia and Camden and along the Delaware River.  These "first generation suburbs" previously experienced rapid growth, but are now facing population and jobs loss, an eroding tax base and aging infrastructure.  The staff presentation will provide a report summary as well as a three-pronged strategy to address the challenges facing first generation suburbs.

9.    Status Reports

  • Route 202(300) and other sections
  • Central New Jersey Study
  • New Jersey Year 2000 TIP Development
  • Tele-conferences and meetings

10.    Old Business

11.    New Business

  1. Minutes of the January 5, 1999 RTC Meeting
  3. Memo dated January 21, 1999 on Modification 9821
  5. New Jersey DOT letter dated January 22, 1999 on Amendment 9822
  7. Memo dated January 21, 1999 on Study Design Rail Service
  9. Matrix Chart (12/31/98) on Status of New Rail and Rail Extension Projects
  11. Calendar of Events for February, 1999