Regional Technical Committee

10:00 AM
A light lunch will be available

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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10:00 a.m. Regional Transportation Committee Meeting Begins
12:00 p.m. Working Lunch Presentation - First Generation Suburbs Case Study; Delaware County William Penn School District

1. Report of July 11, 2000 RTC Meeting

2. Report on Board Activities


3. Amendment to the Year 2020 Transportation Plan - Schuylkill Valley Metro

The Board of Directors of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and Berks Area Regional Transit Authority (BARTA) have selected a locally preferred alternative for the Schuylkill Valley Metro corridor and request its addition to the Year 2020 Plan. A September 6th Public Hearing and 30-day comment period have been initiated to receive the views of local and regional citizens. Staff has found a positive consistency of the Metro concept with the goals and policies of the Plan.

4. Amendment to the FY 2001 Work Program - Year 2020 Corridor in New Jersey

Each year staff studies one or more transportation corridors that are contained in the Year 2020 Plan. The Regional Transportation Subcommittee after reviewing the clinical analysis based on the region's Management Systems selected the Berlin to Camden (US 30) Corridor. A study in cooperation with New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) staff is proposed and this requires a recommendation to the Board.

5. Proposed Transportation Development District (TDD) in Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County

As a result of traffic engineering studies and interest of the business community to improve the Fort Washington Industrial Park, a Transportation Development District is proposed. Regional endorsement is required to advance a $6 million program of projects.


6. Planning Beyond the Pipeline

The purpose of this on-going project is to identify the transportation needs of the four county New Jersey portion of the region which are not yet being addressed in the New Jersey Project Development Process. An inventory of these problem areas has been developed for each of the counties. A subset of the inventory was sent to NJDOT for consideration for the Study and Development program.

7. Regional Aviation Systems Plan Update to 2025

Staff will present a summary of recent airport demand trends, public policy issues, individual airport's status, and other factors requiring a plan update and impacting airport system development.

8. Pennsylvania Congestion Management System - Baltimore Pike/US 1 Corridor

This report provides an examination of congestion at key intersections and arterial segments within the Baltimore Pike/US 1 corridor in Delaware County. It identifies recommended improvements strategies that are both practical and implementable which could be employed to alleviate current and future congestion.

9. First Generation Suburbs Case Study: Delaware County's William Penn School District

Many boroughs and townships that develop rapidly following World War II currently face challenges to their fiscal and socio-economic stability. As these "first generation" communities lose middle income households and jobs and realize corresponding decreases in their tax base, local demand for social services increases and the ability to finance municipal services and schools comes under stress. The current study focuses on the six municipalities that comprise the William Penn School District in Eastern Delaware County, each of which may be classified as a first generation community.


  • Bike Planning

10. Old Business

11. New Business

1. Highlights of the July 11, 2000 RTC Meeting
2. Amendment to Year 2020 Transportation Plan - Schuylkill Valley Metro
3. Mike Boyer's Memo dated August 29, 2000 Regarding Amendment to FY 2001 Work Program
4. Proposed Transportation Development District in Upper Dublin Township
5. Highlights of Board and Executive Committee Meeting of July 27, 2000
6. Calendar of Events for September 2000