Regional Technical Committee

10:00 AM
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Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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1. Report of November 13, 2001 RTC Meeting

2. Report on Board Activities


3. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

During the course of the fiscal year, it becomes necessary for the State Department of Transportation's (DOT's) or transit operators to amend the TIP. The following are offered for RTC consideration in January:

  • TIP Action PA 0153
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Package of three amendments/modifications to various sections of Route 202 as described on the attached memorandum dated 12/24/01.

  • TIP Action PA 0154
    City of Philadelphia request an amendment to reflect adjustments in cost, schedule, scope for three existing projects as described in the attached City letter dated November 5, 2001.

4. Functional Classification Change

  • PennDOT is requesting a change to the functional classification of the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector Project, a new proposed highway to relieve congestion in Lower Salford, Towamencin, Hatfield and Franconia Townships in Montgomery County.

  • The City of Philadelphia is requesting a proposed revision in the functional classification change for certain road sections in South Philadelphia as outlined on the City's letter of November 28, 2001.

5. DVRPC Year 2002 Work Program

On December 5, 2001, the DVRPC Board authorized for release and comment, the draft Work Program for next fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002. Included in the document are all of the Work Programs for DVRPC staff, member governments and transit operators. Approval action is necessary in January, 2002.


6. Conceptual Access Plan for the City of Chester

The City of Chester is trying to foster economic development, especially along its waterfront. One of the problems it is encountering is poor access between the waterfront and nearby I-95 and I-476. The objective of this effort was to develop a circulation plan to route traffic to the waterfront and CBD with minimal disruption to neighborhood communities.

7. Route 202, Section 100 Land Use Strategies

This report recommends local land use strategies to correspond with the proposed widening of U.S. Route 202, Section 100, by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. It encourages multi-municipal planning among the municipalities in the corridor, linking land use and transportation planning, and managing access to Route 202. The report recommends strategies for specific corridor municipalities, identifies and describes planning tools to implement these strategies, and provides some sample ordinances for local adaptation.

8. Protecting Pennsylvania's Aesthetic and Scenic Values by Controlling Outdoor Advertising

A report is finished on the analysis of the physical and traffic operating condition of roadway connectors between The National This project will design and implement a system to identify illegal and non-conforming outdoor advertising signs in the five county Philadelphia area. An educational Manual will be developed for municipal and public use (throughout Pennsylvania) which will define how to regulate on-premise and off-premise signs. Model ordinance will be offered.


  • New TIP Development in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • Transportation Enhancement

9. Old Business

10. New Business

        1. Highlights of the November 13, 2001RTC Meeting
        2. TIP Actions PA0153 and PA0154
        3. Letter regarding functional classification change for Lower Salford, Towamencin, Hatfield and Franconia Townships
        4. Letter regarding functional classification change for South Philadelphia
        5. Calendar of Events for November 13, 2001