Regional Technical Committee Agenda

10:00 AM
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1. Report of January 7, 2003 RTC Meeting

2. Report on Board Activities


3. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

During the course of the fiscal year, it becomes necessary for the State Departments of Transportation (DOT's) and/or transit operators to amend the TIP. ten amendments have been submitted for consideration.

  • a. TIP Action PA03-10a - Automatic Vehicle Locators for Paratransit (SEPTA)

  • b. TIP Action PA03-10b - Schuylkill Expressway Corridor ITS (MPMS #66551) (SEPTA)

  • c. TIP Action PA03-11a - 2003 Reflective Pavement Marker Program (MPMS #64634) Requested by PENNDOT, Proposed New Project

  • d. TIP Action PA03-11b - I-95 Delaware Expressway Interchange at PA332 (MPMS #13518) Requested by PENNDOT, Located in Bucks County

  • e. TIP Action PA03-11c - Route 41 ITS Technology Deployment (MPMS #64360) Requested by PENNDOT, Located in Chester County

  • f. TIP Action PA03-11d - Betterments for Route 63 from PA 113 to PA 29 (MPMS #50646) Requested by PENNDOT, Located in Montgomery County
  • g. TIP Action PA03-11e - Valley Willow Road (Bridge)(MPMS #14272)- PENNDOT Requested by PennDOT, Located in Chester County

  • h. TIP Action PA03-12a - 42nd Street Bridge (MPMS #17461) requested by Philadelphia Streets Department

  • i. TIP Action PA03-12b - Krewstown Road Bridge (MPMS #16785) Requested by Philadelphia Streets Dept.

  • j. TIP Action PA03-13 - Route 113 Heritage Corridor(MPMS #65132) Requested by Montgomery County, Proposed New Project

  • k. TIP Action PA03-14 - Drexel - Bossone Research Enterprise Center Requested by Drexel University - Proposed New Project

4. Transportation Equity Act (TEA-21) Reauthorization Proposal

The current federal authorization legislation for highway and transit projects will be completed at the close of this federal fiscal year on October 31, 2003. Replacement legislation is under development now with various proposals to congress from interest groups such as ASHTO, APTA and NARC for example. The draft list of proposals initially reviewed by the RTC in January was revised by the Board and Board Policy Committee and is now available for recommended action.

5. Transportation Management Association (TMA) and Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP) Work Programs for FY 2004 in Pennsylvania

Two separate programs are up for approval - The PennDOT TMA Assistance Grant Program and the DVRPC Mobility Alternatives Program. Six TMAs plus the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA have applied for funding, and the draft work programs for each have been reviewed and approved by their respective counties. T he programs will be recommended for PennDOT consideration with CMAQ funds.


6. New Jersey DOT Project Development Pipeline

New Jersey DOT staff will make a presentation on the new project development pipeline. Rather than the traditional "one size fits all" approach staff now pre-screens projects into one of four different pipelines depending on the degree of environmental/construction complexity.

7. Inventory of Potential Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Sites

Staff will present an overview of Inventory of Potential TOD Sites, that has identified 44 transit stations in the region for further study. Topics to be discussed include study goals and approach, station selection criteria, inventory characteristics, and progress to date. DVRPC's previous TOD work will also be summarized.

8. New Rail, Rail Restoration, and Rail Extension

Staff will present the latest status report on these various rail projects in the region. The report is updated quarterly and is generally of some interest but may be more so with the scheduled release from FTA of the nationwide list of new starts in priority order.


  • US DOT Certification
  • NJ TIP Development

9. Old Business

10. New Business

1. Highlights of the January 2003 RTC Meeting
2. TIP Actions, February 2003
3. Calendar of Events for February 2003