Regional Technical Committee Agenda

10:00 am
Note: Coffee will be available at 9:30 a.m. and a light lunch will be served following the meeting.

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance

1. Call to Order - Chairman’s Comments


2. Deputy Executive Director’s Report



3. Highlights of the Meeting of September 6, 2011


4. The following projects require formal TIP Amendments or Modifications this month for the FY2011 TIP for PA and the FY2010 TIP for NJ.

  1. PA11- 46: I-95, Columbia Street to Ann Street (MPMS# 79686), Philadelphia – Cost Increase.

5. DVRPC Fiscal Year 2012 Planning Work Program Amendments

  1. Norristown Transportation Center Intermodal Study & Concept Plan
  2. Fare Sensitivity Modeling Project

6. DVRPC Regional Trails Grant Program: Phase I Selected Projects

A list of 14 trail design and construction projects were selected for funding from Phase I of the DVRPC Regional Trails Grant Program. Staff will present an overview of the projects, and will ask the PCC/RTC to recommend Board approval. Staff will also present four "early-action" projects approved by the DVRPC Board on July 28.


7. Mobility Alternatives Program Evaluation

In FY 11, DVRPC contracted with Portfolio Associates to conduct an evaluation of the marketing messages and methods that are used in the Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP). A representative of Portfolio will present report findings, and Commuter Benefits Program staff will address changes to the FY 12 program that will be made based on study recommendations.

8. Giving a Voice to Freight

Leslie Blakey, a principal with Blakey & Agnew, LLC and Executive Director of the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors, will provide an update on the federal outlook for a surface transportation authorization and other Washington proposals that could affect funding for transportation and freight infrastructure. Her presentation will describe the Coalition's strategies for freight advocacy in the coming months and consider factors that will influence the state of play, such as compromises in the Super Committee and momentum for an infrastructure bank.


9. Mercer County Future Bus Plan -- Draft Results

As part of an update to the transportation element of the county Master Plan, Mercer County asked DVRPC to develop a cohesive bus transit network to serve forecast county development. DVRPC gathered service proposals from a series of plans (Central Jersey BRT and others), identified new routes based on journey-to-work data and stakeholder workshop results, and simulated the full Plan Network in the regional travel demand model to assist with prioritization. Gregory Krykewycz will briefly summarize the draft outcomes of this work.

10. Final Call for Special Studies Work Programs for Supportive Regional Highway Planning Program and Transit Support Program

Each year funds are set aside from the overall budgets of the Supportive Regional Highway Planning Program in New Jersey and the Transit Support Program in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey for planning studies outside of core work that program grantees wish to undertake. Staff will issue the second and final call for candidate work programs and review submission requirements.

11. One Minute Reports

PCC/RTC Members and guests will be invited to provide updates on the activities of their agencies.

12. Old Business and New Business


13. Meeting Adjournment

The next scheduled meeting of the PCC/RTC is Tuesday, November 15, 2011.


  1. Highlights of the September 6, 2011 RTC Meeting
  2. October TIP Amendment
  3. Work Program Amendments
  4. Mobility Alternatives Program Market Assessment