Regional Safety Task Force

9:30am - noon

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


1. Welcome and Introductions


2. Update from the Enforcement Community


3. Legislative Update


4. Follow-up from June 2013 Meeting

This agenda will include approval of last meeting highlights, quarterly crash trends, and action updates from volunteers.

5. The Bigger Picture on Safety

Richard Simon, Deputy Regional Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSHA), will provide an update on federal legislation, performance measures, and crash trends.

6. How Far Have We Come?  Assessing the past performance of the RSTF

DVRPC staff will provide a progress report on the past cycle and lead a discussion to reflect on ways to improve the RSTF moving forward.

7. The RSTF Moving Forward – Planning for the next cycle

It is important to keep members interested and engaged in the process to help make the RSTF more effective.  DVRPC staff will share analysis of 2010-2012 crash data for discussion of potential key emphasis areas for the next update of the Transportation Safety Action Plan (SAP).  Members will also have the opportunity to provide thoughts on strategies for the SAP and schedule for future meetings. 

8. Member Updates and Open Forum



Follow-up Discussion on Aggressive Driving (Optional)

A meeting will be held to finalize the Outreach brochure to provide information to prosecutors regarding the effects of plea bargaining aggressive driving.   The meeting will be in the New Jersey Room, adjacent to the conference room, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.  Feel free to bring lunch into the meeting room.