Regional Safety Task Force

9:30 A.M.

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance



1. Welcome and Introduction

Attendees will have an opportunity to introduce themselves


2. Summary of January 2008 Meeting

Approval of the highlights from January 29, 2008 meeting


3. Guest Speakers

Violet Marrero, Manager of Special Projects, New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety will present the report and recommendations from the Teen Driver Study Commission. Prompted by a series of fatal crashes involving teen drivers, New Jersey Governor Corzine and the state legislature, appointed the Teen Driver Study Commission with the task of assessing the state of teen driving in New Jersey and ultimately make recommendations to reduce motor vehicle tragedies involving young drivers.

Cathy Rossi, Manager, Public & Government Affairs, AAA Mid-Atlantic, will give a presentation highlighting findings from a recently release AAA report on Crashes vs. Congestion. This report documents societal and economic impacts of motor vehicle crashes and traffic congestion.  

Sarah Weismann, Program Manager, Transportation Safety Resource Center will demonstrate the Plan4Safety tool. This program designed specifically for safety professionals, allows users to quickly search incident records, filter data, and instantly compare and contrast information. This tool is also beneficial to help decision makers make data-driven decision in an efficient and practical manner.


A. DVRPC staff will provide a brief overview of recent federal regulations that will require all workers on federal-aid highways to wear an ANSI-approved high-visibility safety garment. These requirements are slated to take effect November 24, 2008.

B. DVRPC staff will present results from the online survey distributed to solicit feedback from the Task Force on the current operation of the RSTF meetings.

5. Open Forum

In an effort to initiate information exchange, attendees will be offered the opportunity to highlight new and existing safety activities of their organization and in the region.