Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force

10:00 AM

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


1. Call to order
All Task Force members will be recognized and the July 19, 2006 meeting notes will be offered for the committee's approval (see meeting highlights).

2. Freight For A Day Regional Scan
In conjunction with its Delaware Valley Freight Corridors initiative, DVRPC performed a comprehensive scan of regional freight operations on September 20, 2006 (Freight For A Day). Many committee members and friends provided key information and data for this effort. Ted Dahlburg of DVRPC will present the preliminary results from this snapshot.

3. NHS Connector Evaluations
National Highway System (NHS) connectors are the last-mile of the nation's highway system, and provide important connections to intermodal freight facilities. Using teams of planning partners, DVRPC has inventoried and evaluated the region's 10 NHS connectors. Walker Allen of DVRPC will present the highlights of this research.

4. Impacts of Gaming in Greater Philadelphia
DVRPC's forthcoming study, Impacts of Gaming in Greater Philadelphia, focuses on the potential land use, transportation, and visual quality impacts proposed casinos may have on adjacent communities. Eric Grugel of DVRPC will present the highlights of this report, which treats additional topics such as the Delaware Waterfront moratorium and future transportation projects.

5. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
James Gillard, Economic Analyst and District Liaison in the Office of the Corporate Secretary of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, works closely with the business and banking community to understand emerging trends and business concerns in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. Mr. Gillard will discuss the regional and national economy, and the role of the Federal Reserve System.

6. Two-minute Reports
Task Force and Subcommittee chairs and Task Force members will provide updates on the activities of their companies and agencies.

7. Old/New Business
Old or new items of business will be considered. The proposed 2007 Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force meeting dates are: January 17, April 18, July 18, and October 17.