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1.    Minutes of Meeting of September 26, 2019

2.   Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions    

  1. PA19-78: Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) General Contract (MPMS #110494), Montgomery County
  2. PA19-82: SR 896 Safety Improvement (MPMS #85949), Chester County
  3. PA19-83: Swamp Pike over Minister Creek Bridge (CB #172) (Act 13) (MPMS #16154), Montgomery County
  4. PA19-84: Statewide Multimodal Transportation Funded Projects (Various MPMS #s), Various Counties
  5. PA19-85: Rosedale Road over Unami Creek Bridge Replacement (MPMS #69823), Bucks County
  6. PA19-86: Conestoga Road over Pickering Creek Bridge Replacement (MPMS #98042), Chester County
  7. PA19-87: Ewing Road over White Clay Creek Bridge Replacements (MPMS #86302), Chester County
  8. PA19-88: Cheyney Road Bridge Replacement (MPMS #104879), Delaware County
  9. PA19-89: Perkiomenville Road over Sciota Creek Bridge Replacement (MPMS #110762), Montgomery County
  10. PA19-90: PA 3: Ellis to St. Albans (MPMS #111762), Delaware County

3.   FY2019 DVRPC Competitive CMAQ Program for Pennsylvania  Recommended Projects

Staff will present the list of projects recommended for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) funding from FY22 to FY24 through the FY2019 Competitive CMAQ Program for Pennsylvania. Staff will be recommending, on behalf of the Selection Committee, thirteen (13) projects for funding totaling $25,186,475. In order to be eligible for CMAQ funding, projects must contribute to the improvement of regional air quality or reduce traffic congestion. This list represents a diverse set of project types throughout the DVRPC Pennsylvania subregion. The projects were selected through an open solicitation and selection process.

4.   FY2020 Work Program Amendments:

a.   Promote SEPTA Services as the Primary TDM Option in Center City Philadelphia

The intent of this project is to promote the use of transit as convenient and timely among   Center City’s large and growing commuting and residential population in order to reduce emissions from drive alone cars and ride-hailing services. The promotion will be undertaken through innovative communications techniques, new branding, broad-based marketing, and comprehensive education about the convenience and benefits (reducing congestion and improving air quality) of transit.

b.   Add Regional Transportation Funding Options, Remove Tax-Sharing for Local and Regional Projects or Programs in Southeastern Pennsylvania

The Southeast Pennsylvania Partnership for Mobility study examined transportation funding needs in the Commonwealth, and identified options to increase state funding to replace the expiring contributions from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission as well as options to raise funds within the region to supplement available state and federal funds. This study will explore options on both the mechanism and means to raise and allocate funding for transportation projects and improvements within the five-county region. The Tax-Sharing project, initially proposed and approved as part of the FY2020 Work Program, will be removed from the Work Program.


5.    FFY 2021-2024 TIP/2021 Program Financial Guidance

 PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Planning, Larry Shifflet, will provide an overview of the financial guidance issued by PennDOT in late summer of 2019 in support of development of the FFY 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) in Pennsylvania.


6.  FY2021 DVRPC Work Program Draft Projects


7.   One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of    their counties/agencies.

8.   Executive Director's Report

  1. Board Retreat
  2. Board Meeting Dates for 2020
  3. Work Program Schedule
  4. New Releases

9.   Committee Reports

(1) Regional Technical Committee

(2) Central Jersey Transportation Forum

(3) Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force

(4) Regional Community and Economic Development Forum