The DVRPC Board

9:00 a.m.

Science History Institute
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106





1.    Minutes of Meeting of July 26, 2018

2.   Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

  1. NJ18-040:  Traffic Signal and ATMS Replacement and Upgrade Project, (DB# D1905), Burlington County
  2. NJ18-041:  Thorndyke Street (Route 30/Admiral Wilson Boulevard to Marlton Pike) and Maplewood Street (Thorndyke Street to Somerset Street, (DB# D1904), City of Camden
  3. NJ18-042:  CR 720 (Blue Anchor Road), Route 73 to CR 536 (Cedarbrook/New Brooklyn Road), (DB# D1903), Camden County
  4. NJ18-043: Gloucester County First-Generation Traffic Signal Camera Upgrades, (DB# D1902), Gloucester County
  5. NJ18-044: Mercer County's Electronic Traffic Control Devices Inventory, (DB# D1901), Mercer County
  6. PA17-102:  Bucks County Act 13 Bridges: Clay Ridge Road over Rapp Creek (MPMS #13016), Creek Road over Little Neshaminy Creek (MPMS #103610), and Flushing Road over Branch of Neshaminy Creek (MPMS #103608), Bucks County

3.    FY 2019 Work Program Amendments

            a. SolSmart Organizational Advisor: Technical Assistance to Municipalities in PA and NJ

DVRPC has been competitively selected to provide free technical assistance to nine communities in the DVRPC region under the SolSmart program: four municipalities and one county in Pennsylvania and three municipalities and one county in New Jersey. SolSmart is a national recognition and no-cost technical assistance program managed by The Solar Foundation and funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative that seeks to aid local governments in reducing the soft costs associated with solar energy installations. 

            b. 2045 Regional Airport System Plan (Phase 1): Data Collection Initiative

DVRPC has been awarded a $207,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to develop the 2045 Regional Airport System Plan. This Phase 1 initiative will identify, prioritize, and integrate data sets to create an expanded layer of information, trends, and forecasts for planning, performance, and project prioritization within the aviation planning region. The grant requires a 10% ($23,000) match.  

            c. Community Forestry Management Plans for Camden, Trenton and Gloucester City

DVRPC will update the 3 cities’ community forestry management plans using updated State guidelines that incorporate the USFS Sustainable Urban Forest guidelines and include new requirements for green infrastructure. This work is part of a larger project entitled "Storms,Sewers & Social Justice:Increasing Resiliency in 2 Sewersheds of the Delaware River Watershed" being conducted in partnership with NJDEP's Urban & Community Forestry Program (NJUCF), the NJ Tree Foundation (NJTF), and Rutgers University Urban Forestry and Water Resources programs to address the needs of these three CSO communities. The project is funded in part with a $306k grant from the US Forest Service, of which DVRPC will receive $85,500.

4.      Regional Trails Program Grant Award

DVRPC staff will present one project for a Regional Trails Program grant award. This project will contribute to advancing a key segment of the Circuit Trails in New Jersey.

5.      PM3 CMAQ Emissions Performance Measures

MPOs are required to adopt CMAQ Emissions targets and develop a baseline performance plan as part of the federally mandated Transportation Performance Management process. DVRPC is collaborating with both state DOTs and other planning partners on the MPO baseline performance report. Staff will review the targets and present highlights of the performance plan.


6.  One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.

7.   Executive Director's Report

  1. Camden Road to Health Workshop
  2. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Peer Exchange
  3. Healthy Communities / Safety Task Forces
  4. CEDS Kickoff
  5. Certification Review
  6. Work Program Development
  7. Regional Streetlight Procurement Program – Phase II
  8. Safe Routes to Transit – Phase II

8.    Committee Reports

(1) Regional Technical Committee

(2) Information Resources Exchange Group

(3) Public Participation Task Force