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1.    Minutes of Meeting of May 25, 2017


2.   Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

  1. NJ16-131:  Rt. 73, CR 534 (Jackson Rd) to Fork Landing, (DB #17612), Burlington and Camden Counties
  2. NJ16-132:  Bridge Preventive Maintenance, (DB #13323), Statewide
  3. PA17-42:  Chestnut Street Bridges, Ramps, (8) at 30th Street, (MPMS #17816), City of Philadelphia
  4. PA17-43:  Bridge Groups M & N, (MPMS #’s 102318 & 107544), Various Counties
  5. PA17-44:  PA 291 Drainage Improvement, (MPMS #99668), Delaware County
  6. PA17-45:  Railroad Crossing (RRX) LED Light Installation, (MPMS #106295), Various Counties

3.  Authorization to Open a Public Comment Period for the Draft Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan; Draft FY 2018 TIP for New Jersey; and the Draft Conformity Finding of the Plan and TIPs.

Staff requests authorization to open a minimum 30-day public comment period for the purpose of gathering public and agency comments on the Draft Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan, Draft FY 2018-2021 TIP for New Jersey, and the Draft Conformity Determination of the Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan, FY 2017 TIP for Pennsylvania, and FY 2018 TIP for New Jersey; to issue proper public notifications; to publish the draft documents of the respective Plan and TIPs and conformity findings on the internet; to make copies available at certain public libraries; and to hold public meetings.

4. Project Selections for the New Jersey Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

The NJ TAP subcommittee using the agreed upon selection criteria reviewed and scored applications for the New Jersey TAP program.  The committee reviewed 24 TAP applications. They selected projects totaling approximately $5.0 M in available TAP funds. We are seeking a recommendation to add these projects to the FY 2017 New Jersey TIP.

5. Regional Trails Program Grant Awards

DVRPC will present 12 projects for Regional Trails Program grant awards.  These projects will contribute to advancing key segments of the Circuit Trails in Pennsylvania.

6. Annual Self-Certification of the Regional Transportation Planning Process

Federal regulations require that Metropolitan Planning Organizations self- certify that the Regional Transportation Planning Process is carried out in conformance with applicable federal regulations. Staff findings will be presented for Board approval.

7. Authorization to Proceed to Develop Nonprofit Subsidiaries

Two nonprofit organizations are proposed to be created at DVRPC; one for the five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties and one for the four New Jersey counties. These organizations could enable DVRPC to work with its local members to advance projects and pursue funding from foundations or others that will only fund nonprofits. Board action is sought to begin to develop the materials for these organizations.

8. Election of Fiscal Year 2018 Board Officers

Elections will take place for the Fiscal Year 2018 DVRPC Board Officers, based on the recommendations from the Nominating Committee.  At this time nominations may also be taken from the floor.


9. State Transportation Innovation Councils

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have established State Transportation Innovation Councils (STICs), a program encouraged by FHWA in 2010 to identify and encourage new ideas, techniques, processes and technologies that can be evaluated and implemented quickly and proficiently to advance transportation needs. An update on activities in both states will be provided.


10. One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of    their counties/agencies.

11. Executive Director's Report

  1.  DVRPC 2017 Board Retreat
  2.  Letter to Congressional Delegation
  3.  Office Improvements
  4.  Staff Transitions
  5.  Upcoming Meetings and Events
  6.  New Releases

12.  Committee Reports

  1. Regional Technical Committee
  2. Public Participation Task Force
  3. Information Resources Exchange Group