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Commission Office
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1. Minutes of Meeting of April 28, 2022

2. DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

The dynamic nature of funding transportation improvements and the need to remain within financial constraint require amendments or modifications to the TIP. The following projects require formal TIP Amendments or Modifications this month for the FY 2022 TIP for NJ and for the FY 2021 TIP for PA.

a. NJ22-035: Route 47, Bridge over Big Timber Creek (DB #11371), Camden and Gloucester Counties

b. PA21-087: US 322, Featherbed Lane to I-95 (Section 102) (MPMS #69817), Delaware County

c. PA21-088: Columbus Boulevard: Tasker-Reed (MPMS #13213), Philadelphia

3. Authorization to Open a Public Comment Period for the Draft FY 2023 TIP for Pennsylvania and the Draft Conformity Finding of the Long-Range Plan and Pennsylvania TIP

Staff requests authorization to open a minimum 30-day public comment period for the purpose of gathering public and agency comments on Draft FY 2023-2026 TIP for Pennsylvania, and the Draft Conformity Determination of the Connections 2050 Long-Range Plan, to issue proper public notifications; to publish the draft documents of the respective Plan and TIPs and conformity findings on the internet; to make copies available at certain public libraries; and to hold public meetings.

4. DVRPC FY23 Work Program Amendment: Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans for Burlington County

DVRPC staff will propose amending the FY23 Unified Planning Work Program. This amendment proposes removing the Burlington Township/Florence Township Connector Road Planning Study (23-52-190). This timing of this previous analysis is no longer feasible due to ongoing negotiations and agreements between developers, property owners, and Florence and Burlington Townships. In that study's place, DVRPC staff proposes the Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans for Burlington County, which will evaluate existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities in three downtown areas in Burlington County and develop recommendations for improving multimodal accessibility and safety for all road users.

5. DVRPC’s Travel Options Program (TOP) Project Selections

DVRPC’s Travel Options Program (TOP) is looking to fund innovative TDM projects to provide better access to more travel options across the region. Applicants went through a two-stage application process and a selection committee made up of representatives of partner agencies from throughout the region and DVRPC PPTF members rated, scored, and selected the finalists. DVRPC staff will present the projects that are recommended for funding by this committee, and request board approval for the TOP project slate.  

6. Project Selections for the New Jersey Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program

The NJ SRTS subcommittee used agreed upon selection criteria to guide the selection process for the applications. The committee reviewed 21 TASA applications.  The selected projects total approximately $4,013,000 in available SRTS funds. We are seeking a recommendation to add these projects to the FY 2022 New Jersey S/TIP.


7. Nominating Committee Report:  Proposed Candidates for Fiscal Year 2023 DVRPC Board Officers

The Nominating Committee will report their recommended slate of officers to serve on the DVRPC Board for Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023). Nominations may also be made from the floor. Elections will take place at    the regular June Board Meeting.


8.  One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.                                                 

9.  Executive Director's Report

  1. FY21 Annual Report
  2. IIJA Updates
  3. Executive Director transition - timeline and next steps
  4. DVRPC Idemnification by the States

10. Committee Reports

  1. Regional Technical Committee
  2. Transportation Operations Task Force
  3. Public Participation Task Force
  4. Healthy Communities Task Force