DVRPC Committees

The following are Official Committees of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Here you will find agendas, meeting highlights and presentations (when available) under each Committee page. Note: All DVRPC meetings are open to the general public. However, due to limited space in the conference rooms and extensive committee memberships, it is requested that individuals inform DVRPC of their intent to attend a meeting one week in advance.

DVRPC does not permit external videotaping, audiotaping, or recording at its committee meetings. External taping is permitted at DVRPC's Board meeting when it is held in person; please inform staff of your intention to do so. Please note, since DVRPC is holding its committee meetings, including Board meetings, remotely via Zoom, staff may record the meeting to take meeting minutes, to share meeting content with committee members or members of the public, for educational purposes, or for other reasons not listed here. Attendees are notified multiple ways that the meeting is recorded, both before and during the meeting. By continuing to stay on the remote meeting or entering a meeting already in progress, the attendee consents to be recorded. The above also applies to meetings held in a webinar setting via Zoom.

The DVRPC Board

The Board is an 18-member body having the authority and responsibility to make decisions affecting the entire organization as well as the nine-county region. In its capacity as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the region, the Board establishes regional transportation policies, determines allocation of available transportation funds and prioritizes transportation projects for the region

Regional Technical Committee (RTC)

The Regional Technical Committee (RTC) serves as an advisory unit to DVRPC reporting to the DVRPC Board, meeting ten times per year.

Public Participation Task Force (PPTF)

The mission of the PPTF is to provide ongoing access to the regional planning and decision-making process, to review timely issues, to serve as a conduit for DVRPC information to organizations and communities across the region, and to assist the Commission in implementing public outreach strategies.

Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force (DVGMTF)

The Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force meets quarterly to maximize the region's goods movement capability through sharing information and technology between public and private freight interests, promoting the region's intermodal capabilities and capacity, and developing and implementing a regional goods movement strategy.

Information Resources Exchange Group (IREG)

IREG meets quarterly to provide a forum to discuss the creation, use, and exchange of planning-related information in the region. IREG promotes knowledge sharing in the methods and technology for data analysis, synthesis, and presentation.

Regional Aviation Committee (RAC)

The Regional Aviation Committee (RAC) meets quarterly to provides technical and policy guidance concerning regional airport systems. Membership is open to all aviation related professionals, local governments, consultants, and interested citizens.

Transportation Operations Task Force (TOTF)

The Transportations Operations Task Force is the focal point of regional intelligent transportation systems (ITS) coordination. It is a forum for agencies to share information on ITS deployments and incident management programs, develop a consensus on regional ITS issues and respond to federal initiatives.

Regional Community & Economic Development Forum (RCEDF)

The Regional Community and Economic Development Forum meets on a periodic basis to address current issues in land use, housing, economic development, and transportation in the Delaware Valley region. The Regional Community and Economic Development Forum represents a merger of the Land Use and Housing Committee (LUHC) and the Land Use, Transportation, and Economic Development (LUTED) committee.

Regional Safety Task Force

The Regional Safety Task Force brings together a multi-disciplinary group of professionals to reduce the number of crashes and the resultant casualties in the region. It meets quarterly to build effective partnerships, exchange information, and guide planning efforts.

Central Jersey Transportation Forum

The Central Jersey Transportation Forum meets three to four times per year in central New Jersey, to address concerns of municipalities in Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset counties focused on the US 1 corridor.

Urban Waterfront Action Group

The UWAG meets as needed, to provide a pre-permit application service whereby potential waterfront developers and regulatory agencies can meet to identify and hopefully resolve potential permitting issues.

Healthy Communities Task Force

DVRPC's Healthy Communities Task Force meets on a regular basis to discuss the intersection of public health and planning.

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