Connections 2045 Plan

Major Regional Projects

The Connections 2045 Plan conducts a robust needs assessment for maintaining all existing road, bridge, and transit infrastructure. It also includes desired transportation investments to improve operational efficiency of existing facilities, and to expand roadway, transit, and bike and pedestrian infrastructure. The sum of all these needs is also know as the region's Vision Plan.

Federal requirements mandate that the Long-Range Plan be fiscally constrained and only include projects that can be funded with reasonably anticipated revenue sources. Due to the gap between future needs and anticipated funding, not all identified projects in the Vision Plan are able to be included in the fiscally constrained financial plan. The financial plan allocates revenue to different categories, and there are separate budgets for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey portions of the DVRPC region. These categories serve as placeholders for funding projects over the life of the Plan.

Funding Allocation to Project Categories

This table shows how revenue is allocated to different funding categories for both roadway and transit projects.


Project Category
Pennsylvania New Jersey
Target Allocation Allocated Revenue Target Allocation Allocated Revenue

System Preservation
- Pavement Preservation
- Bridge Preservation


$ 7.5 B
$ 12.3 B


$ 6.7 B
$ 3.4 B
Operational Improvements 11.75% $ 2.9 B 15.25% $ 2.1 B
Bicycle and Pedestrian 1.5% $ 0.4 B 2.0% $ 0.3 B
System Expansion 4.0% $ 1.0 B 4.0% $ 0.5 B
Other 2.25% $ 0.6 B 5.25% $ 0.7 B
Roadway Subtotal 100% $ 24.7 B 100% $ 13.7 B
Transit System Preservation
- Rail Infrastructure
- Vehicles
- Station Enhancements


$ 2.8 B
$ 9.0 B
$ 2.1 B


$ 0.5 B
$ 2.5 B
$ 0.2 B
Operational Improvements 3.5% $ 0.7 B 2.0% $ 0.1 B
System Expansion 3.6% $ 0.7 B 35.7% $ 2.6 B
Other 22.2% $ 4.4 B 17.5% $ 1.3 B
Transit Subtotal 100% $ 19.7 B 100% $ 7.2 B
Region Total 100% $ 44.4 B 100% $ 20.9 B

Major Regional Projects

Major Regional Projects are large-scale projects that will have a significant impact on regional travel. Almost all system expansion projects are Major Regional Projects, as are reconstruction projects on the region’s freeways. Major Operational Improvement initiatives, such as SEPTA’s fare modernization project, are also listed in the Plan. For the sake of brevity, smaller-scale projects that were identified in the needs assessment are not listed in the Plan document. Instead, the various funding categories in the Plan serve as placeholders for their funding, and they may be explicitly listed in future iterations of the TIP.

For more information about Connections 2045 and DVRPC's LRP please contact:

Michael Boyer
Associate Director
Office of Long-Range Planning and Economic Coordination
Phone: 215-238-2848

Brett Fusco
Office of Long-Range Planning
Phone: 215-238-2937

Major Regional Projects

This table shows how revenue is allocated to different funding categories for both roadway and transit projects.
Illustrative classification represents preservation projects that need to occur over the next 25 years, but have not yet moved into the TIP.